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The French language is absolutely divine. The way it rolls off of the tongue and the accent that natural French speakers have is music to the ears. This sing-songy language is also known to be one that is incredibly difficult for non-native speakers to learn. Just as singing is no easy feat, and most of us cannot mimic our favorite singers well, French is hard to emulate. The accent is one thing, but the list of verbs, nouns, grammar rules, conjugations, gender rules and other aspects of this language will have your head spinning in a whirlwind. It takes years and years to learn any language, especially one like French. Spanish is another similar language where you might want a Spanish tutor.

You have to submerge yourself in the culture and hold conversations with individuals who speak the language. This is precisely why most students in the American school system graduate from high school and even college with only proof of graduation and rarely knowledge of a language. They never really get to hold conversations with people who actually speak French, the conversations they have are with other students in the class. This is not going to be good enough if a student is serious about actually learning French, they will need the help of someone who can sit down with them and have a conversation.

No matter if they are in a fourth-grade French class or an advanced college level class, this is the type of assistance that can help them become a fluent speaker. Private French tutoring supplied by Premier Tutoring will put you in a better spot to really learn. Going abroad is a fantastic experience, but if you do not know the basics of the language then you are ultimately wasting your time in terms of becoming fluent. One of our language tutors will be able to prepare you for this trip while also making sure that you are doing well in your class. At the end of the day, the way to pass any language class is to actually learn the language. After each and every session you will walk out feeling more confident in your abilities as a French speaker, this type of progress is almost impossible for most students in a French class.

We hear from students all of the time who take French while in school and leave class feeling frustrated. Either they felt they were cheated because the teacher was pressed for time and could not really answer any of the student’s. Or other students were misbehaving in class which negatively affected every single person in the class. This might not be fair, but it is the reality of the school system. You simply cannot control a classroom filled with dozens of students, it is impracticable and unrealistic. Students are going to do what they want, especially when they are in high school or middle school.

In college, you at least get to pick the classes that you want to take so that you are interested in. But in sixth grade through twelfth grade, your classes are chosen for you and you have to follow the strict curriculum set by the school. So students just do whatever they want in class and this can be distracting for students who actually want to learn. When you search for “French tutoring near me” it is important that you remove yourself from this toxic environment. At Premier Tutoring we only offer in-person one-on-one sessions so you know that you will not be distracted or thrown off guard while you are trying to learn.


Who we hire?


When you are looking for an instructor who can teach you a new language there are several factors that you need to consider. In a classroom setting, you are not going to be able to choose your teacher. You show up to your first day of class, with your fingers crossed, and hope things go well. We do not believe in this method at Premier Tutoring. We want you to be matched with someone that is going to be able to help you.

My freshman year of high school was a tough year in general, and, to top things off, I had to take a French course. My teacher was from France and she had an incredibly thick accent. When she would go from French to English I could never understand what she was saying, because of this miscommunication I struggled in this class. Even when I went to her office hours I was still unable to make sense of it all, and due to this I almost failed this class.

If you are experiencing something similar, then you know the value in being able to choose who it is you are learning with. When you want someone who can speak both fluent English and French, you are looking for a uniquely talented individual. But the thing is, you do not have to look anymore. We have private French tutors who fit this mold perfectly and are waiting for you to reach out to them. However, we know that not all students are looking for the same thing in their French tutoring.

For instance, you might be a senior in college who is taking an advanced level French course. In your class, your teacher speaks absolutely no English but you are having issues with your conversational skills. You are getting good marks, but you hope to move to France one day and you want to make sure your French is also clean as possible. You need to work with a French tutor who speaks the language fluently and ideally as their first language.

This is the sort of help that you need to be as close to fluent as possible before you move to France. We have these types of tutors as well in our database. There is truly not a tutor that you can be in need of and we have not already worked with in the past. We have been working with all of our tutors for years now so we have actual personal relationships with them.

You will be able to develop these same kinds of relationships when you call us up and ask about our “French tutors near me.” We take some of the pressure off of you so that you can articulate your problems and focus on them. Reach out to our team of reps so that getting the ball rolling.


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