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Gary Sullivan
from Los Angeles

Mentoring students is a passion I did not expect to cultivate during my studies at UCLA. As an engineering student, I engaged in competitions and projects with campus organizations such as IEEE and ACM to supplement my rigorous education in... See more

  • education University of California - Los A...
  • location Los Angeles
  • subject French Horn + 86 more
  • Response time in a day or more
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Jack Tellerday
from Clinton Corners

My name is Jack Tellerday and I'm a sophomore undergraduate studying biology. My masteries are in STEM subjects and the Spanish language. I have extensive coll... See more

  • education Emory University
  • location Los Angeles
  • subject French Horn + 26 more
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Brennan Johns
from Los Angeles

Hi! My name is Brennan Johns and I am a musician with extensive performing, recording, composing, and (most importantly) teaching experience. I am proficient in a wide variety of styles, instruments, and environments.

  • education Indiana University Bloomington
  • location Los Angeles
  • subject French Horn + 15 more
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I love learning and have studied a wide variety of topics. I have a (non-accredited) MA in Christian philosophy, and qualifications to teach high school earth and space sciences.

  • education God's Bible School and College
  • location Los Angeles
  • subject French Horn + 40 more
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Robert V
from Lawrence Township

Undergrad at Princeton University with a love of helping people master subjects in science, the humanities, math, and linguistics.

  • education Princeton University
  • location Los Angeles
  • subject French Horn + 281 more

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