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French Horn Tutoring

The French horn is an instrument that a lot of people do not understand well. In many ways, it looks like a smaller tuba, but that is really not the case. The French horn works in the same way as many other wind instruments, where you have to purse your lips and send air through a mouthpiece for it to come out of the much larger end on the other side. The pitch is modulated using a combination of pressing the valves on the side of the horn with one hand while you blow air with your mouth. The shape of your mouth and speed at which you blow will also affect the pitch that comes out. This works like a lot of other instruments, so you might think it is just like what you learn with a trumpet tutor, but again, that is not the case. This is an instrument to itself that requires its own private French horn tutors and its own hard work and practice to master. Those that are looking to become musical stars may have to find another instrument, but there is definitely fame to be gained from the instrument, if you consider Radek Baborak or Hermann Baumann to be famous.

When it comes to tutoring, there are actually a few tests that you can start with to help yourself determine whether you would be a good horn player or not. For one, you are probably going to need to have a good ear if you want to be good at the French horn. It will help you when it comes to playing because you will be able to tell if you are playing well or not. If you can’t tell whether you are doing a good job on your own, your practice sessions will suffer, which is not good news for you. Practice is everything when it comes to playing an instrument because that is the only way that you are going to get better. The simple way to tell if you have a good ear is by testing yourself out with a well-known song. If you can hum The Itsy Bitsy Spider on pitch pretty well, that is a good sign that you are on the right track to start learning more complex music theory and really start to test your skills.

After the ear test, you might think that you are ready to get the instrument in your hands, but there are still exercises that you should do first to make sure that you are getting all of the individual pieces down. In this case, the first thing that you should make sure to master is your blowing because that is going to be one of the most important things in the process. Getting the blowing down is not as simple as pressing your lips up and blowing, so what we do to make sure that you are getting it is to take the mouthpiece out of the horn and make the moves without all of the brass. If you can recreate the proper buzz with the mouthpiece, you can finally graduate onto the real instrument.

All of this work just to get to the instrument seems like a lot, but the reason you are looking for French horn tutors near me is because you are struggling, so questioning the tactics is probably not going to help you. We suggest that in the first sessions, take your ego away before you walk in the door and prepare to be humbled by the instrument. There is nothing to be embarrassed by, as you can improve on your own by working on your craft. There are some people that are not willing to put in all of the time and effort needed to get good at instruments, but that is why they are not playing and there are workers out there in bands.


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Private French horn tutoring is something that you might seek out when you are trying to improve your spot in the band. When I was in the band in middle school, we had seating just like any other high school band. That means that the best player is placed in the first seat, second best in second seat, and so on. The best solos go to the ones in the best seats, so you want to make sure that you are in position to get the good parts. In my band, we had it set up that you could challenge the person one seat ahead of you with some caveats, like not being able to do it right after you have lost your seat. Sometimes, there were even days designated for seat challenges. If you call someone out, you both play music for the chance to lock down the spot. Those that are preparing for challenge day should definitely make sure that they are as good as can be, which is why you should work with our tutors.

When we went out looking for tutors, we were not going to the fourth chair and asking him if he can help people out. As much as he is probably a hard worker, the chances that he knows as much as the first chair are lower. That is why we are always seeking out people that won the higher chairs back when they were in the band. The added benefit is that they are also good at the challenges, so they can teach you tips and tricks to help you win or help you practice under test conditions to be better prepared for the challenge.

We have found that those who search for French horn tutoring near me are looking for people that can do more than what they are getting from their school band leader and we have been able to help those people out time and time again. Our students come back to us frequently with victories in their challenges, which is music to our ears. When we are done with you, everything that you produce will be music to our ears.


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