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Do you know what a portmanteau is? This is where you combine two words together to form a new one. Did you know that motel is a portmanteau of motor and hotel? Well, in the case of Fortran, it is a new word as a result of combining formula and translation. This is a programming language approaching 70 years old and is still used today. That means it is basically as old as computing itself, but it manages to live on. That means that even with the age, the need for private Fortran tutors is as great as ever. Actually, maybe not as great. Since its creation in the early 1950s, Fortran has evolved over time. The version today is one that has been updated to the point where it is now referred to as modern Fortran to distinguish it from the relics of the past. In high performance computing, the only two languages used today are C++ and Fortran, which is essentially the best in the game when it comes to large scale simulations. What do I mean by large scale simulations? This could cover lots of different things, from modeling the stars and galaxies to large scale molecular models, climate models, and more. If you were to ask a coder about Fortran, they would probably look at you like you are talking about an obsolete language, but physicists are keeping the language alive. I think it is interesting to make that distinction because it goes to show you a bit of insight into the human mind. I often think about engineers as being slightly quirky. There are arguments about minutia in coding, like whether you should use tabs or spaces in your code, which is to say that they argue about aesthetic choices that produce the same result. What is different when you see that Fortran can get you the same results as other languages, but coders want physicists to move on. I am someone who still uses Hotmail because it is what I am comfortable using and I can’t get an email address I like on Google and get the same odd hate, so I get what it must feel like as a physicist. I say, keep on doing whatever it is that you are most comfortable with and let the coders whine about their problems.

I remember when my mom and dad first told me about what computers were like back in their day and it is pretty crazy to think about. We are not that far removed from the dawn of computers and they have come a very long way from the things of the past. My dad used to joke that the first computer he ever saw was the size of our basement and needed its own dedicated room. Fortran is so old that it was developed back in the time when these computers were standard. Instead of looking at a screen and typing into a keyboard, command were input to the computer via a series of punch cards that had lines of code on them. That is what we are talking about when we say that Fortran is old and to think that it has survived this long is a pretty amazing accomplishment. That said, the Fortran tutors near me are nothing like the people who used that way of computing back in the day because they have moved on and let the language evolve. One of the things that physicists tout as the reason that Fortran is so great is that it has been around for so long. That is not always inherently a benefit, but it works out in this case through the precedent set. What I mean by that is there are many people that have developed using Fortran in the past. Physicists and others that use Fortran love the ability to look back into the past at legacy code, which can help you save time coding things in the present and work towards new things for the future.


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I think the idea of legacy code is interesting because you are looking at the value of experience in many ways. If you think about it, many languages can get better with age and we use legacy code in English too. I think a fun trope of comedies is misusing a common phrase that we know or giving it new meaning. Building on what we know from the past to create new things is all about what legacy coding is about. And with this idea of experience mattering, we can transition right back to talking about private Fortran tutoring because the promise that you get from tutors is that you are going to benefit from their extensive experience working with other students in the past. The benefits in this case can come in many forms, whether it is a teacher seeing the same struggle and adapting to what they have done before or even seeing behaviors that they can nip in the bud before they develop into a full blown bad habit. Experience matters in almost any field and can often make up the gaps people have in natural talent. Even the best young rookies in the NBA can get beat by less athletic veterans who know what they are doing better than their younger counterparts.

Ultimately, Fortran is actually pretty easy to learn and might not be as difficult as the other languages you can take, but you should still look into Fortran tutoring near me. Although it costs a bit, the reason that it is almost always worth the price is through the people that we seek out to become tutors. You can spend all of your time trying to learn a programming language through a book or online and that might be your speed, but having someone there to help will mitigate the loneliness of coding. You are going to spend a lot of time on your own with a computer as a coder, so take the time while learning to be with someone fun.


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