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The flute is an instrument that many people do not pick up because there are no real role models to look up to in the flute community. When I was choosing instruments, the conventional wisdom was that flutes were an instrument for women, maybe because the higher notes that the instrument played were better from people who could come closer to those notes with a singing voice. Who really knows. Instead of playing the flute, a lot of people played other wind instruments, like the clarinet or trumpet. Only after watching the movie Anchorman did playing the flute seem like something that could be cooler than the tiny little thing that looks so wimpy. Seeing flute as a great instrument, private flute tutors are the best way to get focused attention that can help you become better at playing the instrument and then better and navigating life.

A benefit that you can find in playing the flute that others do not get to experience is that you can claim your place on an instrument. When other people are playing all of the sexy instruments like the saxophone or trumpet, you can sneak in with your flute and get to number one chair based on the lack of competition. That said, you are not going to just be able to hold that for long if you want to be at the top in band. The flute is a complex instrument that requires a lot of dexterity to execute well. Those that are able to master the flute are able to translate some of those skills into other areas of life.

For example, like with any instrument, getting good at the flute takes a combination of practice, patience, and hard work. You can’t just be good at the flute. It takes a lot more than to just pick up the instrument and start tapping some holes. Even the right pursing of your lips to blow the perfect breath takes practice, but you can achieve when you put in the work. The thing about tutoring in flute or even in clarinet tutoring is that you can only get so much out of the lessons because a major portion of the equation is the student being willing to put in the time and effort to practice. That discipline is something that you can take with you beyond playing the flute and into life. The chances are that you are not going to play flute in a band long beyond college, maybe not even beyond high school, but learning what it takes to be disciplined and get better are skills that you can apply in all sorts of industries and activities.

The flute is a versatile instrument and it is not just something that you can only play in an orchestra. There are also other great genres of music that utilize the flute. A lot of kids get bored by the classical pieces, but jazz flute, just like Ron Burgundy, is a really fun and cool way to play the flute and make music that your friends would actually want to listen to. Flute can also be used in a variety of other genres and the lack of flute leaves a lot of openings for great flutists to make their mark on the history of music. With flute tutors near me, you can improve on your fingering technique, breath control, and posture to become a better flute player and then use those same physical skills later on in life.


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Have flute, will travel. That should be the simple mindset of a great flute tutor. The good thing about a flute that is not true of, say a tuba, is that flutes are lightweight, portable, easily maintained, and more. Where clarinets and oboes can be annoying because you need a new reed, there is no reed necessary to play the flute. The instrument is small, thin, and unscrews easily to store easily and without taking up too much space. It becomes very easy to be someone on the run with your instrument because there are not many impediments to carrying it around. You do not need to check your flute on an airplane or worry about overhead space. You can think of your flute case like you are a business man with a briefcase. That makes it really easy to get around and be a part of our private flute tutoring.

We look for music teachers that have a soft, caring approach more than we look for strict teachers, but the funny thing is that we actually look for both. Even though JK Simmons’ character in Whiplash is not someone that you want to emulate, his style is also one that some people take advantage of to become great musicians. Some people respond best to yelling and intense scrutiny, which is not for everyone, but to each their own. It all depends on the student, which is why we look for people from a diverse selection of backgrounds. We have students from all sorts of backgrounds, so we try to find the best people that they will enjoy matching with. The process takes a little longer than simply placing a student in need with a tutor that teaches the subject they need help in, but we find that the extra time only leads to more value on the back end.

If you want to be the one that students find when searching for flute tutoring near me, you just need to focus on being yourself and gaining experience working with students. Being yourself can be a bit of a misnomer because yourself can’t be anything, but you should not be trying to pick up random skills just to fit into a tutoring box. Oftentimes the greatest strengths of tutors are that they come from different backgrounds and can offer specific expertise. We want a network of tutors so big that when you call in, it takes us a full day just to narrow down a list of the top 10.


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