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The United States has one of the highest obesity rates in the entire world. This is especially true amongst our youth. Kids are now more likely to stay inside and play on their electronic devices than they are to go outside for a good time with friends. If your child wants to spend all of their time watching television and none outdoors running around then you might be concerned. Private fitness tutors will make sure that your child is staying active for at least one hour per session. When I was a kid, going outside was the norm. As soon as the weather got good, and school was out, we were outside playing all types of sports.

We would spend hours ripping and running through the streets until the street lights came on. At that point, it was time to go home, have dinner and then watch television. But children nowadays only want to watch television. They get out of school and are immediately attached to a screen. Pick a screen, any screen, and chances are you will find a child on the other side of it. Needless to say, children nowadays have access to much more than I did when it comes to technology. But that does not mean that they should not be spending more time being active. This is precisely why you need to put them in contact with one of our athletics tutors.

These individuals will make sure that your child is able to get out and move around much more. It is important for us all to be physically active, but that is particularly true for children. Even if the typical athletics are not for them, they still need to find a way that they can stay physically fit. We recently had a student who was spending all of their time indoors playing video games or watching television. They rarely would do anything active, and when they did it was forced upon them by their parents. That was until their parents got them matched with a Premier Tutoring tutor.

The child was a huge Harry Potter fan so the tutor knew of a quiddicch league in the area. The tutor then practiced with the child and now they play on a team a few times a week. Everyone got what they wanted and it was because of the time the student spends with “fitness tutoring near me.” Children are not the only ones who are facing the obesity epidemic in the United States, adults are as well. Most of us lead a sedantary lifestyle, sitting in front of a computer screen all day never really having to move from our desk. After we get off work, the last thing on most of our minds is going to the gym.

Waking up early to hit the weights or go for a run? Completely out of the question. You lack the discipline and it is hard for you to just start working out without any motivation. One of our weightlifting tutors can make sure that you hit the weight room as hard as possible and keep up your intensity. But most importantly, they will ensure that you are using the proper form. Lifting weights and working out can give you fantastic results, but it can also completely ruin your body if you approach it the wrong way.


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Private fitness tutoring sessions will make sure that you are working out. But the professionals leading the sessions will also help you eat right. Working out is only half the picture, you need to control what you are putting in your body if you want to control the way you look. We often hear stories of people working out and then stopping at a fast food restaurant right after. Then they wonder why they cannot get in shape. It is because they are not treating their body like a temple, which they will learn with our nutrition tutors. Most of our fitness tutors also have a deep understanding of nutrition because it goes hand in hand. They will be able to give you a meal plan that goes along with your workout.

This way you will start to see results, but they will not be immediate. It will take time and effort on your part, nothing happens overnight. If you are an athlete then you know this more than anyone else. You cannot just show up on gameday and wing it, things are not going to go as planned. You have to work hard during the offseason and at practice in order to stand out when it comes time to perform. Being in tip-top physical shape is incredibly important in just about any sport that you play.

Stephen Curry is not known for his athletic prowess, in fact, most analysts did not think he would make it in the league because he was not built like a typical NBA player. He also is not particularly athletic as he makes most of his shots from deep. Dunking is not his forte and he cannot jump with the best of them. But he is in incredible shape and he has one of the purest jump shoots in NBA history. His ability to constantly run his defender off of screens, free himself up and then knock down the jumper is uncanny. People do not often think about how much work it takes to be able to do what he does, but the moment you start running up and down a professional size basketball court you will feel it.

If you are an athlete then you need to start putting in the work right away, do not wait until the season rolls around because it will be too late by then. While you are contemplating searching for “fitness tutors near me” your competition is already out working on getting in shape. Stop waiting and get to it with the help of Premier Tutoring. Our tutors are well-oiled machines ready to help you take on the competition.


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