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Many students take calculus over the course of their math studies because it is one of the more difficult math classes that you can take and requires some intense thinking, but one of the more applicable forms of math can come in finite math, which can lead on to computer science. The term finite math is not quite obsolete, but it was originally thought of in a way where the potential was limited by the human user. We have since pushed those boundaries thanks to computers that can do the work for us and do it much faster. That is not to say that there is not still a human element to it, which is why finite math is still taught and is still vitally important. Learning concepts from finite math can be difficult too, but working with private finite math tutors is a great way to improve on your skills.

In another post about discrete math, we talked about the differences between discrete and continuous data sets. In that, it was said that discrete sets can be either finite or infinite. When learning shapes, you often learn that with rectangles and squares, the difference is that squares have sides of all equal length as well as four total sides, so, as such, squares are inherently rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares. Much the same, finite math and discrete math are like squares and rectangles. Finite math is inherently limited, which means that it is not continuous. As such, finite math is discrete. However, we said that discrete math can also be infinite, so finite math is discrete, but discrete is not always finite. That might sound like an Abbott and Costello bit, but it is an interesting distinction nonetheless.

One of the applications of finite math that you might find yourself working on is in statistics. Many times, businesses will use historical data to estimate future earnings. When doing so, you are working with a finite data set that needs to be manipulated the right way to show accurate projections. There are some industries that might use manipulate there in the negative connotation. In that case, you are using the statistics to put forth a lie. That is not what I mean. Here, I mean using proper methodology to get an answer. As a business, you might want to fool investors, but the worst thing that you could possibly do is use data to fool yourself. When you are using data, you need to make sure that you are accurate or you might overestimate your ability in the market or worse.

Other than building mathematical models, you might use finite math in matrix algebra. This is not the same matrix as the one where Neo dodges bullets and fights computer agents. This is where you organize numbers in rectangular arrays, which can be used in accounting or in computer programming. Programming often uses matrices. Linear programming is not on a computer, but another finite math application where you can build process flows and derive insights on where you can make changes to increase profit potential. Other ways to use finite math can include probability, logic, or even something called combinatorics, which seems like permutations and combinations. That kind of factorial stuff that you wish you could do in your head to beat casino odds is the stuff that computers are built for and that is how we have made great leaps in the field of finite math. When you are looking to get better in that field, the only answer is to look for finite math tutors near me that can help you accomplish your math goals.


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There are some people that look at finite math as the easiest kind of math that you can learn. You are knocking out a lot of the difficult functions that are involved when working with infinite possibilities and you are also eliminating non-real numbers, which are always annoying. While it may lack some of the difficulty of intense, high level calculus, it might have more practical use for people, so making sure that people get it down right is absolutely essential. You can’t have people failing when it comes to finite math because it might mean the difference between their business staying alive and their business dying on the vine. By getting the finite math concepts down pat, you are able to think differently and make much smarter decisions, so it is essential that private finite math tutoring is high enough quality to get you to where you need to be.

The best thing that we offer is not the Nobel Prize equivalent winner when it comes to finite math because brains are not always the most important thing. I was recently listening to a sports reporter talking about different baseball players throughout the years. He mentioned a few names as some of the people as being the most insightful when it comes to telling you a quote about hitting because their quotes could teach you to be a better hitter just by understanding the lessons. Meanwhile, some of the best hitters in the world struggled to articulate what made them so good, but were able to do it better than they could say it. When you are looking for a tutor, you might want the genius, but what you need is the person that can drill home the message to you the best and that might not be the person that went to Harvard.

They say that those who can’t do, teach, but that is just a demeaning insult meant to shame those that have skills better suited for passing on knowledge. Those people that do are not able to get there without teachers starting them off, so you can’t demean someone so vital to the process. Instead, we should celebrate finite math tutoring near me for being the people that are helping the next generation reach new heights. They should be recognized for their vital role in the process of learning.


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