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Coexistence is hard. We do not make it easy on each other to live because there are a lot of rules that we put on the way that we are meant to interact with each other and we do not write them all down. People are expected to follow certain codes of conduct that they never signed up for and you might never know that you offended someone. Etiquette is the code for polite behavior that we have established and one of the best ways to improve the way that you act in polite company is to work with private etiquette coaches who can teach you everything that there is to know about behaving politely with your company. It is especially important when you are meeting new people.

A new addition to the world of bad etiquette is the cellphone, which is such a large part of life that staying off of it can be a challenge too far for some people. The distraction of a phone that takes you away from your present company is an instant faux pas. Is it ever okay to use a phone when you are in someone else’s company? The answer has to be yes because otherwise we would never be able to use our phones, but what are the specific settings where it is okay? Is it okay to interrupt and accept a call and if so, what is the proper way to excuse yourself. These are all new questions in the etiquette community that you can work on with your etiquette coach. You might have you phone so deeply ingrained in your reflexes that it is hard to shake the habit, but that is why a good coach is important because they will have techniques to help you slowly work on things until you are better.

In etiquette, one of the most common areas that people have no clue about is proper table setting etiquette. This is something that people take for granted if they have never worked in the food industry, but there is a standard that you are supposed to follow. My grandmother got mad at me once for placing the forks in the wrong order. That can be where most people do not know things because most people know which side the fork goes on and which sides the spoon and knife go on, but they do not use multiple utensils with every meal, so you might get confused on salad fork versus fish fork versus dinner fork. Even as the eater, I might get confused as to which course is for the dinner fork as opposed to the fish fork. Is there a fish course that is not an entrée that I do not know about? Maybe that is something I could learn in etiquette tutoring.

An etiquette coach differs from a social coach in the fact that they work more on manners than on other social graces. You might choose to use an etiquette coach if you work in business, as having proper etiquette is essential when meeting lots of different clients, especially if they are from other countries. Showing proper respect to business colleagues is important when you are an adult. Some people choose to work with etiquette coaches to improve on their interview skills and making sure that they leave a good impression in business settings.

When looking for etiquette coaches near me, you should definitely try to find someone that connects the lessons to you. We will get into this more in the next section, but etiquette gets a bad reputation and finding the right coach can be tricky sometimes. That is why we are here to help.


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When you are looking for private etiquette coaching, the usual thought is that you are going to get someone like Mary Poppins who will teach you lessons with a slightly strict tone. I think that creates some negative connotation toward etiquette coaching that is unfair because the work that they do is very important. It seems like a bunch of arbitrary rules for the sake of rules and you might buck up against all of that, but the goal is just to treat your fellow man with respect and there is absolutely nothing malicious about that intention. The strict adherence to etiquette is ultimately your own personal choice in the end, but learning the basics are vital to adapting yourself throughout life. There will be situations where etiquette comes in handy and others where you can toss it aside, but you need to know it to know when to use it.

We have found that the search for great etiquette coaches can be much simpler than with some of the other subjects that we offer tutoring for. We try to have in-person interviews or Skype interviews as much as possible with our prospective coaches because etiquette is something that shows visually from the first moment that you interact with someone. The handshake is an indicator, the word choice, tone, and patience in conversation are indicators, and the posture can even be an indicator of good manners and a skill for teaching proper etiquette. Most people know that it is proper that you send at least an email to someone after they interview you to thank them for your time. The more impressive way to send a thank you is to send it as a handwritten note. We get some with our other tutors and it is very nice when we do, but we have never had an etiquette coach who did not send a handwritten note. It is just a part of who they are.

We want to make sure that our students are not being crushed by etiquette in their lessons. When you search for etiquette coaching near me, you are going to get someone who makes etiquette something that you enjoy enough that you want to add it into your life. If you are not committed, there is no point, but we want to make sure that our tutors are not doing anything to shake that commitment.


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