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Starting off, I think it is important to look at the distinction between ESL and ESOL and know why we pair the two together in the context of private ESL/ESOL tutors. You might think that having separate tutors would do more to cover the population of students, but you will see that they are virtually interchangeable and should be lumped together. First, ESL is English as a Second Language, which means that you are learning English in a country where it is dominantly spoken, but it is not the language that is native to you. You learn English this way because you are looking to speak the dominant language of the country that you are in. This might be because you are in college in America or you are from another country and living in America long term. Either way, ESL is a way to help you gain the necessary English skills. ESOL stands for English to Speakers of Other Languages, which is more of an umbrella term that can also cover EFL students. It is somewhat of an unnecessary term if ESL is the standard because it only really serves to include the fact that English might not necessarily be the second language, it is just not the first. I would say ENFL would be better, meaning English as Not the First Language. The previously mentioned EFL would be English as a Foreign Language, which means that you are learning English in a country where English is not the dominant language. A Chinese man or woman might learn English for business purposes, even if they never plan on leaving China. Other acronyms include ELL and ESP, which is not reading minds, but English in specific contexts, like learning legal English or medical English.

Now that we know what ESL and ESOL are, what is the real need in America? When you look at the demographics, you will see that we are horribly underserved when it comes to ESL instruction. Data suggests that 10 percent of public school students are ESL learners, but only 1 percent of teachers are ESL instructors, meaning that a large majority of the students go without proper instruction. That is terrible to hear, but some of the way that you can combat this is with ESL/ESOL tutors near me. If the teachers are not there in your public school, private tutoring might be the only reasonable means you have to access the education that you both deserve and need. It is unfortunate that the government does not provide this, but you can’t wait for the government to help you out in the case of your own personal education. Sometimes, you just have to take the steps necessary to make up the difference, which is why we have these programs available.

Some of the issues also come from the lack of cohesion in the ESL and ESOL programs across the country. It should come as no surprise with the insane acronym nonsense that there is not enough of a standard on the teaching in the country. Growing up, I only knew ESOL and never even heard of ESL. This should point to my ignorance and lack of care, but I though ESOL stood for English as a Second Language and could never figure out what the O was in there for. I should have known better, but the truth is that I never had to pay much mind because it did not affect me. Instead of that mindset, we should all work to make sure that ESL and ESOL students get the help they need, not learning English from only English comprehension tutors.


Who we hire?


As mentioned the quality and content of what you get as an ESL or ESOL student varies depending on where you are in the country and sometimes even within the states. Because there are a lot of schools without proper teachers in the school, there are many programs that leave the instruction in the hands of the students and provide self-directed study at home. Others provide more educational materials to help you along the way, but these also vary in quality. In some, you can get materials both in English and your native language to make things easier on you. In others, you get all English and could get some context clues and vocabulary and grammar help in your native language to help you. With all of these, it does not sound like enough and you should really start to consider private ESL/ESOL tutoring. As much as it is cheaper to do things on your own, you might have to take much longer to learn and you might end up with garbled English that is still not of the level you are looking to be. You do yourself a disservice when you are not working with someone trained to help you.

Why is the training so important? Well, we make sure that our tutors are skilled at training ESL and ESOL students as well as highly experienced because we want to make sure that the tutors are not selling a fake bill of goods. You are going to invest a lot of time and money into tutoring, but you might not realize if the pace is off from what it should be. Some tutors might take advantage of you and keep things moving slowly to bleed you for more hours and more sessions, but our tutors want to make sure that you are proficient as fast as possible. We trust that you will come back to us or tell your friends over the idea of bleeding all the money we can out of you until you never hire tutors again.

Searching for ESL/ESOL tutoring near me was once hard to do because you had a lot of crooks out there claiming things that they could not provide, but we always guarantee that you are getting the best service when you work with us. We are want to give you as much bang for the buck as possible.


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