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Environmental Science Tutoring

The first thing that you probably think of in association these days with environmental science is climate change. What was once referred to as global warming was phased out and replaced by the catch-all term that is trying to expose the impact that we are having on the weather thanks to man-made sources of pollution. Although the topic seems to be constantly debated, we have reached the point where it is overwhelmingly agreed to that climate change exists and now we need to work of finding ways to reverse it. It is in this way that environmental scientists have never been more important than now. We highly encourage searching for environmental science tutoring near me as a way to join the fight to save the planet.

A lot of people in present times are not so worried about climate change. They believe that even if we are destroying the planet, they will not be around long enough to see the effects on their own lives. The unfortunate truth is that climate change is already affecting the world in adverse ways and the question is when it will become so bad that it could result in the extinction of the human race. Dinosaurs may not still roam the earth, but we are much smarter than dinosaurs and possess the mental capabilities to save ourselves as long as we invest the right time and resources into making it happen.

There have been plenty of threats to our future bandied about, including the warning that Miami could be fully underwater in a short time due to rising sea levels. This problem is already becoming a massive issue in Venice, where flooding can be a daily occurrence. Businesses are forced to close because there is standing water up to your hip. They have started to adapt and build dry walkways above the new water level, but these are band-aid fixes on a deep gash that requires stitches. We are not doing enough to reverse course, which could mean that future generations will be forced into a Waterworld-esque existence.

There have been tons of works of fiction that explore what it would be like to be the last man on Earth after the apocalypse. Plenty of these post-apocalyptic shows look very similar, taking on the dry desert landscapes that Mad Max is known for and showing problems of the scarcity of water. Very few actually look at the reality we face, which is the melting of the polar ice caps and the rise of water levels to the point that we are no longer able to walk solid ground.

I still remember that the required reading in AP Environmental Science was a book called Silent Spring, which was one of the inspirations for the modern movement toward environmental science. Rachel Carson’s 1962 book exposed the environmental effects caused by the indiscriminate use of pesticides, but moreover showed the attempts of the chemical industry to cover up the issues that they were causing, as to not arouse suspicion. This is one of the ways that environmental science connects with other scientific fields, as the impact is often ignored until an environmental scientist comes around to spoil the fun. A complete environmental scientist might also study chemistry with a tutor to deepen their understanding of how chemicals impact the environment and potentially come up with solutions to find more sustainable chemicals for the future.

It is often the role of the environmental scientist to scare the public about our future, but that is something that needs to change, as many people have not changed their behavior. We need a new generation to work with private environmental science tutors to help us figure out how we are going to protect the planet and leave it livable for future generations.


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Environmental science is another one of those catch-all terms that has so many subfields that it almost does not mean anything. You might be at the high school level and need private environmental science tutoring for AP Environmental Science, but you also might want help once you reach college and begin specializing in the type of environmental science that interests you.

For those that are choosing environmental science as a career path because you love the outdoors, you might choose a different path than someone who is idealistic, but likes the indoors. Although you might choose zoology as a path to becoming a zoologist, environmental science is also a major that can lead you to the same career path. For those people, we do not want to stick them with a random zoology tutor. Instead, we would do our best to find someone in our network with the exact background that you are asking for.

One thing that is discounted when thinking about environmental scientists is their ability as problem-solvers. They are not just the people that tell you that there are problems going on, although that seems to be everything that they are known for. The best environmental scientists, or really best humans in general, are people that come not just with problems, but also with solutions. If you have ever met the “problems guy,” you probably want to punch them in the face. When someone comes to you with a problem and no solution, it feels like the implication is that they either expect you to fix it for them or they do not care much about it. In the case of the planet, you better show some care because we are all in this together.

We hope that searching for environmental tutors near me means that you will find people that believe in that idea of togetherness. We want someone that can sit down with you, see where you are struggling, and look to find a solution with you that is catered to the way that you think. We know that you might come to answers in your own special way, which is why our tutors crawl into your brain and wait until they see how it works before they start taking over the controls.


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