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English (K-8) Tutoring

Between the grades of kindergarten and eighth grade, several things are going to be covered in English classes. Each grade is going to bring a new lesson that will be piled on for the remainder of the student’s time learning the language. In the beginning, students are learning the very basics, how to write and say their ABCs. This might seem simple but without knowledge of the alphabet, students are not able to actively spell or create complete sentences. When your child is not learning their ABCs at the same rate as the other students it might have you feeling a bit on edge. You are unsure of why this is happening and you want to get answers right away. Private English K-8 tutors can give you the answers to your problems by showing you how to fix them.

When a child is young, you want to be able to help them as well. Your English tutor will teach you ways to interact with your student so that you can assist them outside of the sessions. Their use of the English language goes well beyond the classroom. It is part of their everyday life, so when they are missing out on something in class they are missing out on developing as a functioning member of society. Those who are well-spoken get more opportunities and jobs. We are all familiar with our work voice which is what we use in professional settings or when we want to get a job. You have to be able to turn this on and off, and that starts with knowledge of the ABCs. Every move you make as a young child is important because you will build on this ability to further your education within English.

Writing complete sentences was something that gave me issues when I was a child. I had no issues with speaking in complete sentences, which meant I knew what they were. But when it came to getting it down on paper I froze up. I was overthinking the situation and put an emphasis on impressing my teachers and my family rather than actually learning. During my time in class, all I wanted to do was get a good grade but that was not the point of it all. When your child gets to sit down with one of our professionals they will start emphasizing what is important. The most important thing for them is to actually learn how to write in complete sentences. When that happens, they will be able to get their grades and show them off at the next family gathering.

“English K-8 tutoring near me” is for anyone who wants to see their student do better than they currently are while in school. Sometimes parents notice that students are not getting all they need in their current class and they want to up the ante. They call us up to bring in a tutor who can supplement what is already being taught in the class. This way the students are putting in extra work to become better scholars for their future. We often see that students who do this often times end up going to better schools the following year. They have the capability but they are just being bogged down by the way their current teacher is conveying information. We have a pool that is so vast, you can ask for anything and we can deliver at Premier Tutoring.


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We love to receive good feedback from clients who are happy with the way that their private English K-8 tutoring sessions were run. This is because we have heard so many negative stories about tutoring that we set out to change the narrative. We want to write our own story, one with a happy ending and thousands of satisfied clients. One of our favorite stories was about a child who was in the seventh grade. English was always one of their best subjects, but now things were getting away from them. They were in a class with a strict teacher who was teaching the students how to write five paragraph essays. This was the students first year at this school so they were timid. Unsure of how to go about raising their hand and asking questions. They also felt left out because it did not seem as if the other students were struggling at all.

So out of fear of embarrassment the student never raised their hand when it was time to ask questions. When they got home, they were so lost on their homework that they could not get anything done. Despite all of this the student was able to maintain a passing grade in the class. But the end of the year was approaching and there was a final essay due, one that needed to be five pages. The student had never written anything near this, so they were frantic. They reached out to their parents and let them know that they needed an essay writing tutor. This was to the surprise of the parent because they felt as if their student was doing great work all year. They had no idea that they were in need of help.

Being the fantastic parents that they were, they immediately started searching for “English K-8 tutors near me.” They were put in contact with one of our tutors and the sessions started immediately. Things that were not making any sense to the student finally started to get cleared up. The student felt comfortable asking questions and had the proofreading tutor explain their mistakes. Everything from MLA formatting to grammar issues was covered in these lessons. The student got a confidence boost from these lessons and was excited to turn in their paper.

They actually got one of the highest scores in the class and the teacher used the paper for next year to show students how things were supposed to be done. We can make sure that you have what you need in terms of tutoring with Premier. We love getting our clients matched with the perfect tutor which is why we have a satisfaction guarantee. We are that confident in our service, come get a dose of awesome with Premier Tutoring.


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