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Elementary Math Tutoring

Elementary math covers a vast array of subjects and stretches over the entirety of your child’s time in elementary school. If they do not pick up these skills then they are not going to be able to go to middle school and so on. So it is important that they get help right away if their grades are slipping at any level.

For starters, children do not typically have trouble with math while they are in kindergarten. The use of pictures and the small amount of numbers is not typically something that overwhelms students. When your child is fighting for their grade it is enough to worry you right away, you want to know what is going on. Typically, it is because the teacher is not as enthusiastic as they need to be with small children.

When this is happening it is time for your student to work with private elementary math tutoring. We will be able to make sure that your child is being matched with a math tutor who is going to make things fun and exciting. As your child gets older, things get a little bit trickier. Multiplication tables were something that I always struggled with while I was a child.

I remember being in fifth grade and having to miss several recesses because I just could not get my tables down pact. I did not have the services of a tutor and it really messed me up. If your fifth grader is missing out on their outdoor time then you know that you need to start searching for “elementary math tutoring near me.” Your child can work with a tutor who will be able to teach them games to make multiplication tables fun.

This can honestly be a fun activity but it has to be presented in the right way. Some teachers are great at doing this, while others just completely ignore the fun part. When a child is being drilled with information they are not going to be receptive. That is not the best way to get the information through to them, they will honestly shut down. With all of the other activities that are available for students these days, you really have to make sure the information stands out. If not it will get washed away in a sea of extracurriculars, television shows, video games, and the world wide web.

Since the teacher is not getting across to your child and neither can you, it is time to call in the help of a wonderful tutor. Our math tutors are not only experts with multiplication but they also know how to make these lessons fun. The methods they have worked on have been perfected and not because they have been used over and over. The main method that our tutors use is that the method is always changing.

One thing that has been learned over the years is that no one student learns the same, especially in elementary school. On top of that, a first grader is going to have a set of issues that are completely different from those of a fourth grader. There is no room for just one monolithic approach. So our tutors have developed methods that are flexible based on grade level, learning style, and personality type. When all of this is taken into account you are dealing with the trifecta of success.


Who we hire?


Premier Tutoring was not a name that was chosen arbitrarily. This name was picked because we have only employed world-class math tutors. Many of our tutors are also certified teachers and they are either working now or are currently retired. If your child is struggling with their multiplication tables, as mentioned above, then we will be able to send in one of our private elementary math tutors. From there, the tutor is going to create lesson plans that are going to maximize your child’s ability to learn multiplication.

These tables have been giving students issues for years. You probably remember a time when you were in school and either you or someone else you knew had problems. But that does not have to be your fifth grader as we have the services and methods that can help them fly through these exams. Most importantly, your child will remember what it is they are learning as multiplication is not going anywhere.

First off, if your child is having issues with their multiplication tables they probably also had problems with simple addition and subtraction. If you want to change anything for your child in terms of multiplication and division their problems with the simpler math forms need to be nipped in the bud. They probably have bad math habits that they picked up while they were in second or first grade. Even though these habits are not great, they were able to get through their classes. Now they have to stop that and change things up.

Although it is a challenge to shake things up in terms of altering the way your child approaches math. It is not something that is impossible, you just need the help of someone who is top of the line. All of our tutors are fantastic and they are able to do this type of work. Think of the bad fundamentals that your child has as a tattoo.

If they do not get changed then they will stay permanently. With that thought, you can think of one of our tutors as a tattoo removal specialist. Although it will be hard and painful work, it can absolutely be done and it will look like none of those bad habits were there in the first place. Math is an incredibly important subject and should be taken seriously. Maybe you need this tutor now to avoid a geometry tutor later.

The better students are with this subject the easier high school and college will be for them in the future and life in general. Elementary math might seem like it is not important compared to the other mathematical subjects, but without it, there would be no advanced topics.

“Elementary math tutors near me” has to be in your search engine by now. Click on HeyTutor and give us a ring, we will help you start singing a song of joy. The process is simple and our team of reps is more than polite. Our experience starts before you ever start working with your tutor. We have you covered from the moment you call until your last session.


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