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Econometrics is a unique branch of economics that relies heavily on statistics to find ways to make inferences about the future using data. In its most academic terms, it is the quantitative analysis of economic phenomena based on the development of theory and observation, as related by methods of inference. Basically, all that means is that you are using statistics in the setting of economics. Honestly, the fact that it gets its own term is a bit baffling, mostly because it is the same statistical modeling that you would find in any other field. In many ways, econometrics is as necessary a term as Sabermetrics, which is again a specific application of statistical analysis as it pertains to the field of baseball. The first use of the term econometrics came in 1910 from Polish economist Pawel Ciompa, so I guess we have him to blame for all of this. Instead of hiring a statistics tutor for your specific economics based needs, consider working with private econometrics tutors.

They say that the most basic tool in econometrics is multiple linear regression, which is a simple process learned during statistics to take multiple sets of linear data and graph them to look for correlations. The methodology for creating data sets and analyzing them are the exact same as you would find in any other statistics class. In fact, it mostly just boils down to the scientific method that you would learn in basic science classes. You begin with a hypothesis, develop a method for testing, and work from there. The important things that you would look for in any experiment are consistent here, including developing a model that can be repeated by independent researchers and making sure to eliminate opportunities for bias along the way. Once those steps are done, you collect your data and organize it into graphs and data sets. This way, you can build out a model that can be used to forecast potential outcomes and make predictions about the future.

In practice, economists use econometrics in a variety of ways to help shape our economy, make decisions on an individual level as a business, and see things from a bigger picture perspective. For example, a macroeconomist that is looking at the market as a whole might use econometrics to make inferences about the relationship between the unemployment rate and GDP. Creating a function where GDP is the independent variable and unemployment is the dependent variable, you can create a function of the relationship between the two based on data from the past. This way, you can show via actual data what the precise effects of a change in GDP will cause. That said, this is not meant to be perfect and never can be. There are always going to be factors that affect the results of such a study. That is why it is important to consider those factors in your methodology, which is why that step, and making things repeatable, can be the most important quality of a good econometrics expert.

In finding econometrics tutoring near me, you want to make sure that you are going to learn the best ways to design studies, so you never have your integrity called into question when someone tries to replicate your data. It is also vitally important for the state of the economy that we have people looking at trends properly to make sure that we do not fall into another recession that takes down the economy and makes life miserable for a large chunk of the population.


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One of the great things about the nature of our financial system is that there is a lot of data out there in the world. All public companies are forced to publish financial statements publicly, which can be great news for students in the middle of learning, just as much as it is helpful for the people who are actually building the models and doing the groundwork in economics. That means that you have a lot of stuff that you can cover with your private econometrics tutoring choice.

For example, you might be someone who is fascinated by the world of fashion and designing clothes, but you want to add in some data analysis to help guide your decision making. Although the world is your oyster and you want to flex your creative muscles, you might want to supplement your instincts with data to prove yourself right or to avoid going down a path that seems fruitful, but ends up being a waste of time. In a field that is so trend-driven, you want to make sure that you are up to date with everything that is selling. It can be hard to put together such a specific set of data, but that is why you want someone that is equally passionate about the field that you are looking at. A great tutor might be someone who is also into fashion and can show enthusiasm for the same thing that you are showing enthusiasm for.

When I was in statistics classes in St. Louis, I was able to get by because I made everything have to do with the field that I was interested in, baseball. For a final presentation in front of a group of St. Louis-based teachers, I chose to analyze the financial feasibility of the St. Louis Cardinals resigning Albert Pujols to a new contract. I worked with someone who could help guide my study, which led me to gather data on previous contracts and players with similar performance. Doing so, I created a model that would show the estimated price of an additional win. Using a prediction of the amount of wins Pujols was responsible for, I came up with a reasonable price to pay him and discovered that there was no reasonable way that the Cardinals could get him at that cost. This was disappointing for the St. Louis fans to hear, but the fact that I chose something that was engaging to them was a big reason why I did so well on the assignment.

When everyone can connect with the material, it makes learning much easier and that is what you get from econometrics tutors near me. We look for people from all backgrounds, so when a student comes to us, we can match them with someone that can value the student’s passions as much as their own.


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