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Earth Science Tutoring

As we have gotten past a lot of the exploratory phases of discovery on the planet, now, we are looking ahead. We know what most things are and where they are, but the goal now is to maintain those systems, so that they are still around for future generations to continue with their own roles in the process. As we get more into earth maintenance, we require more earth scientists and environmental scientists to help keep things on the right path and make sure that we do not ruin things too bad. If you are someone that cares about our planet and how the physical composition of the planet affects how we live on a daily basis, working with private earth science tutors could be the best fit for you to get a full education.

The thing to know is that earth science and environmental science are not the same thing. If you are someone that is more interested in the biological processes than you are in the physical earth processes, you might find more success in environmental science or a straight up biology curriculum. In making the distinction between earth science and environmental science, one is a branch of physical science, while the other is an interdisciplinary field. I will let you decide which is which… Just kidding. Earth science is the branch of physical science and the courses can be much more specified than environmental science. That is because environmental science is an interdisciplinary field, which means that it bounces between fields. That is not to say that either one is a subset of the other or that they are sister subsets of another field. Environmental science takes a little from column A, a little from column B, and a little from column C to become its own thing. Column A might be earth science, but the others create the difference.

In earth science, you are much more concerned with physical science. Sure, there are some earth scientists that focus on the impact of human activity on the environment, but that is not one of the main goals. It is just the area where earth science intersects with environmental science. Otherwise, it can actually focus a lot more on the different layers of the planet. The four main branches of study within earth science are those layers, including the lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere. Each of these fields is further broken down, so there are plenty of areas to study within the world of earth science.

An arena where earth scientists are vitally necessary is in earthquakes and volcanoes. These are naturally occurring phenomena that come about as the result of movement in the earth’s crust, which takes place at the lithosphere level. One of the most devastating natural disasters of all time that has managed to withstand the test of time is the tragedy of Pompeii. The city was near modern Naples, Italy and was right at the base of a volcano called Mount Vesuvius. In the year 79 AD, the volcano erupted, spewing a deadly cloud of super-heated gas, molten rock, pumice, and hot ash at 1.5 million tons per second. According to Wikipedia, this is 100,000 times the thermal energy released in the twin nuclear bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. That is some serious heat. The city of Pompeii was completely destroyed and buried underneath the mass of ash. Archaeologists are still discovering things from the remains. Before the next event like this that wipes out a piece of history, we need earth scientists to help us figure out how to prevent something like this from happening again. Pro tip: do not live at the base of a volcano.

When you search for earth science tutors near me, you should find a wealth of tutoring options that can help guide your study in any of these interesting fields. We want to help the next generation of great earth scientists save the world.


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In looking for the best people to join our private earth science tutoring team, we are focused on finding the right voices that can pass along information in ways that are not boring. I think that science can be one of the most fun subjects around because a lot of the lessons are very visual if presented in the right way. For example, I remember a science class once where a pilot came to talk to us about the ways that the environment made it difficult to travel in the air. This makes a lot of sense. You should not be able to fly. He started talking about the ways that wind affects the tip of the plane. It was all well and good, but it did not sink in until he put a video up on the screen of a plane trying to land in strong head winds and we saw exactly what he was talking about. The cool thing about earth science is that you can do a lot of the same visual explaining.

In a natural disasters class in college, I had more fun than in any other class. I was not a science major in the slightest, but the physical movement of the earth felt like a cool thing to learn to satisfy my science requirement. In one of the first classes, the professor brought in a shake table. If the self-explanatory name does not clue you in, this is a device that was built for the purpose of simulating the movement of an earthquake. We got the chance to build our own structures that were meant to withstand the shaking. The assignment was a blast because we got to work together in teams and think in ways that I never have before. It showed just how valuable it is to have great civil engineers who can design buildings that sit on sliders and are able to move with the earth.

I grew up on the east coast, so earthquakes were fairly foreign to me. Tornadoes were also something that we just did not ever experience. But when I got to college and started to learn about earth science, I got to know a lot more because I was engaged with fun assignments and activities. In searching for great earth science tutoring near me, you should look for people that know how to engage as much as teach.


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