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Have you ever tried to say a word that you have only read out loud in public before? It is a pretty terrifying thing when you are not totally sure on the pronunciation. There is a thought that you would rather mispronounce a word than misuse it because at least it means that you read it and you have comprehension skills. I remember the first time that I read a word that I did not understand was when I read the word dachshund. I had heard the word before, so it was extra embarrassing when I was corrected and immediately made the connection in my head. I chalked it up to the fact that my parents never let us have pets growing up, so I would never have known what that was. It was a little embarrassing again when I did not realize that this was the same as wiener dogs. Well, in the case of music, ear training is the thing that takes music theory off of the page and takes it to the ear, which is where you are going to experience the music anyway. With private ear training tutors, you can work on your ability to translate theory onto music as you hear it.

In the fundamentals of music theory, you probably learn about the different chords, intervals, scales, progressions, pitches, and more, but you do it theoretically, as the name would suggest. You might use ear training hand in hand with music theory to improve your ability to compose or just analyze music. The basics of ear training are learning how to pick up those chords, intervals, scales, and others by just listening to the music. This is almost like doing times tables in math. The reason is not to make sure that you are able to multiply over and over, but to drill home the simple multiples that you will run into a lot in your life. As you build your skills with ear training, you will start to learn about the ways that songs are structured, which will unlock the ability to break that down and see what is making us fall in love with the songs that we do. One of the things that I have learned every time I see a peek into the songwriting industry is that it is more than putting a couple of chords together that sound nice. You are using tools in a toolbox to create a complex mix and that requires a lot of intelligence.

The music savants of the world work on ear training all the time because they are passionate about music. Once you start to understand the basics, you will start to dive deeper into every song that you hear, so you are able to learn on your own. The good thing about working with ear training tutors near me is that the experience is designed to be quit after a few sessions. When you are done with the basics, you can continue learning about patterns in music on your own. That way, you can switch tutoring to an instrument or any other subject that you are interested in. We have plenty of options to pivot to, so you are never going to have extra tutoring hours left over.

I have a friend who is a musician and we were hanging out once with my sister and her new baby. She had been singing a few pop hits to her baby hoping that she would fall in love. My friend brought his guitar and was able to play the songs off of the top of his head just from hearing the name or a short clip as a refresher. It was something that took a lot of practice, but the ability to play songs like a jukebox is something that comes from ear training.


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Ear training is not something that you have to pay to learn. There are plenty of resources out there to help you learn everything that you need to know on your own. YouTube channels dedicated to music education are not just free, but provide an on demand library of things that you can use to learn the chords and structures on your own. You can even learn things that apply directly to you, like watching videos about the genres that you love the most or other things like that. With all of that said, you might wonder why you even need private ear training tutoring. I would probably be pretty bad at my job if I wrote out all of the reasons that you do not need to work with us on the page where we are asking you to sign up. The reason that you are getting value when you invest in our tutors is because we find the best people to make sure that you are getting more than just a person to tell you that you are on the right track.

But do not think that this is not a big part of it. One of the things that is difficult in learning on your own is having proper testing to make sure that you are getting things right. The instant feedback of a trained professional will make sure that you are not cheated out of any lessons, whether you mean to or not. The oversight is something worth paying for, but this is not just a babysitter for you to do your work.

Our tutors work with you to make sure that you feel confident in your abilities, so they will find ways to challenge you and make you prove to yourself and them that you are understanding the concepts. They are not going to let you put in any less than full effort, which is going to lead to you improving at a great rate. Our ear training tutoring near me is the best that you will find because we make sure that there are tutors for all different types of students and all tastes in music.


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