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Dyslexia is a learning disability that a lot of people hear about, but there are still a lot of students suffering from it that do not even realize that it is the cause of their struggles. It is estimated that 40 million American children and adults suffer from dyslexia, which is a massive number of people. That is more than 10% of the country suffering. For many, they think that it will be an affliction forever, but there are so many incredible success stories of people with dyslexia that it gives hope to those that believe it will cripple them. The thing to know is that you can overcome your issues, but it will just take a lot of hard work, perseverance, and time. This is not something that you can fix overnight, even with private dyslexia tutors.

Some people that have been diagnosed with dyslexia might surprise you. I know someone that grew up with it in his life and had a lot of trouble reading and writing. It made him feel lesser and he was bullied for not being able to read at the same pace as his friends. Years later, he is a famous writer, turning his affliction into inspiration to prove everyone wrong. He has definitely done so with his work. There are some other famous people that you might not have realized struggled in school just like you might. In fact, some people think that compensating for dyslexia allows people to unlock things within them that they would not have been able to without the need to.

Gifted functioning has been found to be genetic most often, so there is nothing saying that dyslexia means that you will not be smart. You might just have to work a little harder than your peers, but that also teaches you skills that you might not have had otherwise. I wonder sometimes if it is possible to succeed if you have an easy life. There are certain people that find their passion easily and fall right into the life that they were meant to, but those people are few and far between. As grim as it sounds, I wonder sometimes if I have the same work ethic as people who lost parents in their early life. I have seen what it looks like when someone is forced to step up into the shoes of a lost parent and the difference in motivation between them and me makes me feel entitled and embarrassed. I do not have the same pressure, so I am the one left behind when they outwork me.

There are some celebrities that have succeeded despite dyslexia, but dyslexia probably never really hurt them in their careers. For example, Mohammed Ali, Magic Johnson, Nolan Ryan, and Bruce Jenner were all said to have dyslexia. As much as they probably struggled with it, I doubt that Nolan Ryan really cared much about it when he was ripping fastballs by hitters at speeds that they were not prepared for. As far as special needs go, he probably did not need much tutoring to throw.

Meanwhile, there were a lot of people who did not know that they had dyslexia and succeeded despite the fact that they had trouble comprehending reading. Steven Spielberg only realized that he was dyslexic when he was diagnosed in 2007, but by then, he had been nominated for six Best Director Oscars and won two of them. It almost did not matter at that point. He opened up that he would often take twice as long reading scripts as others, but he felt that this gave him an advantage because he was able to focus on details that others glossed over. Maybe he is right, maybe not, but he has more Oscar wins than I will likely have nominations in my life, so who can judge.

With the help of dyslexia tutors near me, you can put yourself in a better position to overcome the disability like those before you.


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I think that it is clear that with anyone working with someone with a disability, you are going to need patience. It is obvious that when someone is struggling that the tutor does not go “T-t-t-today, Junior!” when they are working with someone that does not read at the same pace as their peers. But reading is not the only area in which people with dyslexia struggle. There are lots of differences between people who suffer from dyslexia, which is why you must be patient and understanding of the different ways that it presents when working as private dyslexia tutoring.

For example, there are varied reading and non-reading symptoms that can pop up, including trouble with math. Just because it is not words and letters does not make it easier to read. That makes doing calculations hard for some, even if they are good with words and letters. For some artists, you can only draw portraits and not landscapes, but for others, it is the exact reverse. It can sometimes seem like there is no rhyme or reason to it, but imagine how much worse it is to be the person suffering and not the one that is helping out. You should thank your lucky stars and be grateful for the blessings that you have when you are an able-minded tutor working with a student who struggles.

There are some that say that even Albert Einstein was dyslexic, which might not be entirely true based on the fact that it does not seem that he was diagnosed, but many have inferred it from what they know about him. If one of the smartest men in the history of the human race can succeed despite dyslexia, so can you. Searching for dyslexia tutoring near me gives you the resources to achieve that Einstein never had, so maybe getting help will mean that you can make strides much sooner in your life than he did in his. It might seem like a lofty goal to surpass Einstein, but you should dream big.


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