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Dutch Tutoring

If you have ever been on a date in America, you have probably heard of the phrase “going Dutch.” This is not meant to mean that you are turning into a Dutchman, but you are paying your own expenses on a bill, as opposed to the man paying for the woman or splitting things evenly. This is one of the more egalitarian approaches when it comes to dating. But this is not rooted in any sort of Dutch tradition. The etymology is hard to pin down, but going Dutch could come from Dutch doors, which have a lower and upper half that can be opened and shut independently. These are not traditions from Dutch or from the language of Dutch. For those things, you would have to seek out German tutoring or another form of language education. If you are looking to learn Dutch in America, private Dutch tutors might be the best and only way to learn the language.

The first things to think about before you learn the language of Dutch are who speaks it, where are they, and are they people you want or need to interact with. There are approximately 24 million people around the world that speak Dutch as a first language and another 5 million that speak it as a second language. That makes it the third most spoken Germanic language, behind German and English. The country that is most know for Dutch speakers is the Netherlands, where it is the sole official language. Many people in the Netherlands also speak English, but the majority speak Dutch. In addition, Belgium recognizes Dutch as one of three official languages. Those are the two most major, but there are also a few Dutch colonies, especially in the Americas. Aruba, Curacao, and Sint Maarten are all colonies of the the Netherlands. Sint Maarten represents the Dutch side of the island of Saint Martin, which is split with the French. Dutch is also the official language in Suriname. Curacao is particularly interesting because it has produced a lot of professional baseball players in recent years. Players like Jonathan Schoop, Andrelton Simmons, and Ozzie Albies are all stars that have come from the country and that allows them to play for the Netherlands in the World Baseball Classic. They were in the final four teams in the last two tournaments thanks to those players and more, which might spark your interest in Dutch if you are a baseball fan, or especially if you are a baseball scout.

Some of the basics of Dutch can be used to help you learn other languages, like English or German. It can be one of the easier languages to learn as a native English speaker because you are already in the same linguistic family. Dutch is also easy to learn if you speak some of the continental Scandinavian languages. While not mutually intelligible, they have strong similarities. Dutch is also considered the mother language to Afrikaans, a South African language that evolved from the language used by settlers from South Holland. Learning Dutch can give you a wide range of language skills that make you an international expert.

When you search for Dutch tutors near me, you are sure to find a wealth of help that can get you to the level you need. If you are planning your trip to Amsterdam and want to be able to order from coffee shops or from the women in the red-lit windows in native Dutch, learning with a tutor in advance can prepare you for all of the challenges that come when you finally make it to the great country of the Netherlands.


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Some of what makes people great to be a part of our private Dutch tutoring is that they are able to translate Dutch to fit to American ears. Some of that comes from a knowledge of the points of intersection between the two languages. When you have mastered both, you can show just where the two are most similar, which can really help get the learning and retention process going. With these building blocks already out of the way, you can move on quickly to other lessons that will get you even closer to fluency.

Another of the qualities that makes for great tutors is patience because the process of learning any new language takes a lot of time, effort, and practice. When students are working on new languages, you might have to teach things more than one time. And that does not always mean two times. There are some things that you need to work on again and again and again, but it is the tutor’s job to make sure that they do not get frustrated with the student. At some point, the tutor might even want to try other techniques to find a way to make the lesson stick. If something needs to be taught over and over, it is not just a signal that the student is struggling, but could also indicate that the teacher needs to put more effort into that subject.

A final quality we look for in great Dutch tutors is an ability to teach about the culture of the Dutch people. This can include some history of the Netherlands, food that comes from there, and any other culture that might originate from that part of the world. I know very little Dutch, but the Dutch I do know is strongly tied to my interests. When I was a kid, my mom went to the Netherlands and brought me back an X-Men graphic novel that was written entirely in Dutch. Instead of throwing it aside and never reading it or just looking at all of the pictures, I used the internet to help translate as I read the book. This taught me what I know now about Dutch.

Getting exposure to Dutch is not always easy, but you can always look for Dutch tutoring near me and find quality help from Premier Tutoring. Our tutors can help you reach fluency in this unfamiliar language.


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