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Drums Tutoring

They say that the lead singer and guitarist are the ones that get all of the girls, but the drummer is the heart and soul of the band. Just think about the heart. It beats at a consistent rhythm over and over. It may slow down or speed up based on how much it needs to work, but the beat keeps going on. If the beat changes, that represents an unhealthy moment for your heart. In the case of drumming, the drummer must keep the right tempo for the rest of the band to play off of. They might change tempos mid-song, but the beat must go on. Even in moments of rest for the drums, an implicit tempo carries on.

If you want to manage the speed of your drum learning, you want to work with private drum tutors who can help you figure out how to be the best. Great drummers like Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson of The Roots (or The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon) have attributed their great success to the education they received. Questlove went to a high school for the performing arts, so he was learning music from a very young age. In interviews, he has talked about different drills he did back in the day that prepared him to be as good as he is today.

In one drill, Questlove was forced to play different time signatures in each hand. If you have ever tried the trick where you pat your head with one hand while rubbing your belly with the other, imagine that, but three times as hard. As a drummer, you will need to understand everything there is to know about tempos because that is your job.

Bill Belichick has a motto for the Patriots that is simply, “Do Your Job.” It highlights the importance of teamwork, as his belief is that everyone on the team has their own job to do on any given play. The defensive lineman is in charge of preventing a run or rushing the quarterback. The cornerback is in charge of covering his man or covering his zone. In the case of a band, doing your job is just as vital. As soon as you get cute, it throws off the rest of the group. If you want to be in charge of the beat, search for drum tutors near me.

If you have ever heard the saying “march to the beat of your own drummer,” that is usually something that is admired. In most cases, thinking for yourself and being a true one-of-a-kind person is something that we should encourage. There is nothing more boring than people who follow all of the mainstream trends. It is in your unique interests that you can make your own impact on the world and find your purpose in life.

In the case of a band, nothing is worse than a drummer that is off beat. Bands are strongest when they are a cohesive group. No one instrument can dominate because the beauty comes from the intermingling of sounds. The Beatles built early success by playing small clubs around Liverpool and Hamburg over a three year period in the early 60s. They played every single night, building their rapport together. It was here that the group cycled through drummers, finally settling on Ringo Starr. Although he was considered by many to be a simple drummer and sometimes had his drum parts re-recorded during sessions by Paul McCartney (the bassist that Kanye West “discovered” for FourFiveSeconds with Rihanna), Ringo was kept around because he was good enough at working with the band. When John Lennon eventually recorded his first solo album, it was Ringo that recorded the drums because he was the one that Lennon trusted. If you are looking to march to your own beat, drumming might not be for you, but if you want to be the vital heartbeat, drumming is the path for you. And you can improve on your music skills with one of our general music tutors.


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Drummers come in all shapes and sizes, so finding someone that can teach you the tips and tricks means different things. When I was working with a music tutor, I was expecting someone young that could teach me how to rock like my favorite bands but ended up getting a guy whose band was called Tuxedo Junction and only wanted to teach us classical techniques and old folksy songs. Looking back, I took him for granted, as he was trying to teach us a foundation in music that we could use to make our own songs, while I was looking to cover existing hits. By not listening in private drum tutoring, you can miss out on the most important lessons.

In finding great tutors, we want people that understand the concepts of music in addition to teaching you how to rock out with your socks out. We have tutors from the major conservatories you know, such as the Berklee College of Music, and others from all sorts of training backgrounds. When looking for drum tutoring near me, look to Premier Tutoring. If you ask, you can mix in rock songs, so you get the best of both worlds. That way, you can satisfy your urge to feel like a rock star while making sure that you are getting all of the technique down too.

But, if Ringo Starr is one of the most famous drummers of all time, is it really that important to be the most technically proficient drummer? One might say that Ringo was the beneficiary of the success of the rest of the band. Even as the group split off into their respective solo careers, Ringo still got the benefit of publicity as his bandmates found success. Despite the fact that they do not work together, Joey Fatone has been riding Justin Timberlake’s coattails for years. But seeing Ringo as a replaceable part would be to ignore his great legacy. When introducing Starr into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Foo Fighters frontman and former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl said of Ringo, “Define ‘best drummer in the world.’ Is it someone that’s technically proficient? Or is it someone that sits in the song with their own feel? Ringo was the king of feel.”

The best drum tutors are going to combine technique with feeling. With instruments, it can be very difficult to find your unique voice because everyone has the same tools that you do. It is in the natural variation that you can find your voice. Fred Armisen, of SNL and Portlandia fame, found success early on as an impressionist, mostly doing celebrities and politicians for SNL. Once he broke free from SNL and was able to fully own his comedic voice, Fred became one of the first comedic musical impressionists, incorporating the physicality and sound of musicians into his impressions. While Jimmy Fallon does musical voices, Armisen does the instrumental voice. His Netflix special, Standup for Drummers, features his take on multiple drummers styles, including one of his fellow late-night bandleader, Questlove.

With our tutors, we hope that you will find your voice along the way to becoming a drummer who has strong technique.


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