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Drawing Tutoring

When you first pick up a pencil or pen and begin to draw, you might think that you possess all that you need to become a great drawer (hopefully, you are not becoming a drawer in a desk, but the other kind of drawer). Once your pencil hits the page and you start to actually transfer the image from your mind to the etching, that is where things get tricky. With private drawing tutors, you can make it so the image in your mind and the image on the page are much closer together.

If you have ever tried drawing a face, you might see how hard it is to get things accurately. Something in my brain makes me feel like I do not possess the skills to reproduce a face. Even in video games, I have trouble getting my created characters to look anything like me, other than with skin tone. In most of those situations, you are given a preset selection of nose, face, eye, and mouth shapes that you can mix and match, but I can never seem to find the one that is mine, even though I know my face pretty well. When I try to draw a face, the nose is one of the things that gets screwed up the most.

Most people think of drawings in two dimensions because adding a third is even more difficult. In the case of a face, it is really hard to capture it in two dimensions because there is a lot of depth. The nose becomes the hardest part because it often sticks out. Drawing it straight on, you must deal with the depth on both sides in your two-dimensional rendering. Forever, I avoided faces because this was just too much for me. My noses looked like strange garlic shapes that came out of nowhere. I had a really hard time understanding perspective.

Things started to change for me when I took advantage of drawing tutoring near me with someone who was good at animation. I had always wanted to draw cartoon characters like my favorites, The Simpsons, Dexter’s Lab, Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends, and Family Guy. For the first time, I was told to think about things from another angle. Instead of going straight on, I drew a face from a 45-degree angle. That way, the depth of the nose was much easier to capture. Seeing the shape cheated out toward the side was much easier to comprehend.

Drawing becomes much easier when you realize that putting pen to paper is not the first step. In many cases, observation comes beforehand. And that does not just mean that you are looking at things in the world because that is something that we all do. It means that you need to look at things through the lens of a drawer. You have to see things as if you would be the person applying the shading and building it from the ground up.

We think of images as the finished product, but the steps along the way take time and effort. There are often marks that are erased or covered up that are necessary steps in the evolution of the piece but are not necessary for the finished product. Without someone to guide you along the way, these are mistakes that you can make on your own, but it takes time. You can’t learn art history overnight. That said, the quickest way to develop your skills in drawing is to work with one of our tutors.


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Oftentimes, learning a craft like this is something that you can do on your own. There is no real need to hire a tutor if you just want to get started drawing because starting with a pencil and paper is going to give you better results. It is in getting better that a professional can help you take your game to the next level. Instead of falling back on “whatever works” tricks that you have come up with to make your own life easier, you can combine your working techniques with the time-tested techniques that people have used in the past. Those are things that you can probably find on your own through studying past works, but drawing tutors near me are usually better at finding specific examples that will help you than searching on your own.

A good drawing tutor needs a little knowledge of art history if they are going to succeed with students because it is one of the things that they can bring to the table that the students might not have found on their own. Because this form of tutoring is one that many see as unnecessary, it is important that you find ways to differentiate yourself and show skills that you have to pay money to unlock. It is unfortunate, but, more than you would as a math tutor, you must prove the worth of the tutoring while you are working with students.

The good news is that the whole reason you have a job is that you believe that tutoring can help amateur drawers improve, which is what you should fall back on. Chances are that you took art lessons of your own, so those can be a good template for how to teach going forward. The bad news is that the individuality of art also means that you have to cater to a lot of different voices. Imagine if Picasso had an art teacher that was a stickler for symmetry. It would have been an epic clash. Good tutors can identify elements of style and voice and amplify them.

The best private drawing tutoring is often more about the tutor than the drawer’s initial talent. Drawing well takes practice. You have to teach your eye what to look for, your brain how to process, and your hand how to mechanically execute. This takes repetition, which is something that a tutor can only help with, not do for you. That said, guidance has great results in turning amateur drawers into great artists.


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