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Discrete Math Tutoring

The field of discrete mathematics is one that has limitless possibilities even though it usually deals with finite sets. When you are looking to get into a field where countable numbers are important, private discrete math tutors are one of the best ways to improve your skills. First, we should define discrete math, so that we both know that we are on the same page. Ultimately, we are really looking at the distinction between structures that are discrete as opposed to structures that are continuous. Discrete numbers have separate, distinct values, whereas continuous sets include infinite options even within finite endpoints.

The distinction between discrete and continuous is why you would get no use going to a calculus tutor instead of going to one of our tutors for discrete math. Calculus and Euclidean geometry are both all about continuous mathematics. Integrals, for example, are a common thing in calculus, but it is an area under a continuous curve rather than a discrete data set. Here is where discrete differs from continuous. Where there is a continuous data set, between any two points, you can find a third point in the middle. If you were to make a straight line from 1 to 10 and wanted to find a point between 6 and 7, there are infinite possibilities. When you are looking at a discrete set, you might go from 1 to 10, but you would always have a limiter, such as an amount you are counting by. If we say count from 1 to 10 by ones and wanted to find a point between 6 and 7, there are no possible answers because the set is discrete. That does not mean that a discrete set can’t be infinite however. Instead of going from 1 to 10 by ones, you might go 1 to infinity by ones. In that case, you would still be working with a discrete set, but it is an infinite discrete set.

Another area where discrete sets are applied that you might confuse as continuous is in videos. Most people assume that the difference between a picture and a video is that you are capturing discrete items in photography, but continuous footage in videography. In reality, both are just discrete. Videos are composed of frames and the frame rate of the camera determines how much is recorded. Many people think that seeing is believing, but video can actually play tricks on you because of the very fact that it looks continuous, but is not. In video forensics, you might think that you are seeing everything, but the camera is not picking up the frames that matter. For example, if someone has a gun and fires off an entire 12-round clip of bullets, you might see muzzle flashes on all 12, none of the 12, or anywhere in between. The flash happens for such a fraction of a second that you might not pick it up on any of the frames. With large discrepancies like that, it can be fairly easy to disprove video evidence in court if that is all they have.

In terms of where you might use discrete math, computer science relies heavily on going through discrete steps, even if the computer makes them look continuous with the speed. Data is also stored in discrete bits, which combine together to form bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, terabytes, and so many other bytes. Building algorithms, developing software, cracking codes with cryptography, and programming all use discrete math to help implement ideas to fix real-world problems. When you work with discrete math tutors near me, you are able to master data sets in whatever area applies to you, whether that is in computers, in business, in academics, or anywhere else.


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Let me tell you a little bit about a discrete set that will interest you. I am not talking about a bunch of boring numbers that are going to put you to sleep, but instead a set of tutors that can help you learn everything that there is to know about discrete math. When you are looking on your own for tutors, you might find a tiny, little set of tutors, but that is nothing compared to the private discrete math tutoring that we offer. We have done all of the research and vetting to build out a large network of tutors that can help you with your discrete math needs.

In terms of the type of person that you get, there are not a lot of people that teach exclusively discrete math. That is because it is not a year-long class that you would take and it is not a large enough market to specialize in. Some people are searching for specialists and only want to work with experts, but I want to tell you why that should not be the case when you are looking for a tutor, especially in discrete math. Getting to discrete math means that you are combining a lot of the concepts that you have learned before, whether that be fractions, counting, graphs, or anything else that applies to discrete math. You want someone that is teaching all of those things as well so that you can get a refresher in any one of them if needed and pass along to the highest levels of discrete math with no problems. Our tutors are not just smart people, but also people with degrees from higher learning institutions, which speaks to the expertise that they have in the subjects. They have all been tutors for over 5 years, so you are getting all of the benefits of that experience on top.

Searching for discrete math tutoring near me might not have crossed your mind before, but we hope that you think about it more and realize that our team of professionals will give your student the best chance at understanding the concepts of discrete math. If they are going to become a billionaire coder in Silicon Valley, they are going to need to make sure that they have these concepts covered first.


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