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I want to tell you a story about a young student named Kip. He was a great student in high school, even if he was a bit of a goof. He got suspended once for causing an explosion in chemistry class, but the teacher actually fought with the principal to get it expunged because he was so impressed by Kip’s ability to figure out how to cause such a reaction. It was some next level stuff that most students were not capable of. That was pretty much the summation of Kip’s science skills. While other students were struggling to build toothpick bridges in physics, Kip was always ten steps ahead. He never even thought of getting help, so this was the kind of guy that never would have hired private DAT tutors.

Kip’s favorite movie of all time is the first Hangover. He has probably seen it 50 times. Somehow, he identified immediately with Ed Helms’ Stu and Kip has wanted to be a dentist just like Stu ever since. He decided to go to dental school midway through college and started to dive deeper into the science studies that he was already doing. He was a BME major, but never even needed a biomedical engineering tutor over the course of his entire college career. By the time that he got out of college, he had started getting a little too full of himself.

For the DAT, you must get approval from the Department of Testing Services at the American Dental Association before you take the test. You can’t just take the test because you feel like it. You need to be applying to dental school in the near future to get approval. On your application to take the test, you even have to choose the dental schools that you are applying to, as your scores will automatically get sent to those schools once they come out. Kip picked four or five top schools that he was sure that he would get into and applied. Soon after, he received his DENTPIN, which allowed him to take the test. He had up to six months to take the test, which he had scheduled close to the last possible day to do it.

Kip’s study strategy was a little odd. He felt that he was proficient in all of the subjects on the test, so he would not study his old chemistry and biology textbooks or knowledge. Instead, he decided to start working with a man who was affectionately referred to as Dr. Bill, but I have never been able to confirm that this man had any sort of medical degree or even a doctorate. He seemed like a doctor in the same way that Dr. Cosby or Dr. Pepper is a doctor. They formed a Miyagi-like relationship where Kip claimed that he was learning how to become a great scientist through watching the ways that Dr. Bill put together different herbal potions for healing purposes.

The two men met when Kip broke his jaw a couple of years ago. He needed something to help him brush his teeth and Dr. Bill overheard and suggested that he try Bill’s Magic Plaque Removal Formula. I told Kip that we were too old to get swindled by a snake oil salesman, but he kept believing everything that Bill said. Kip’s test prep faded to the background and he focused on Bill’s teachings.

The test finally came around and Kip looked confident. He told me that he was going to ace it on the first try. The interesting thing about the DAT is that it is taken on a computer, so you get your unofficial grade right when the test ends. Kip came out of the testing center looking like someone kidnapped his dog. His grade was unofficial, but no margin of error could make up for the poor score he saw. He immediately searched DAT tutors near me as soon as he got home and did not take things for granted on his second try at the test.


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There are some options in private DAT tutoring that are going to apply pressure to you until you start turning into a diamond, but those people might not be what you respond to. In some cases, students want a comforting feeling from their tutor, which helps them feel strong enough to work on their own. For those that respond to strictness and pressure, we want to support you. For those that respond to kindness and care, we want to support you too. We are looking for tutors of all personality types to work with students.

There are some students that are able to sit down with a textbook and some other prep books and do all of the practice on their own, but that is going to leave out certain benefits that you might have been able to take advantage of had you worked with a partner. Those students that can work entirely independently and get everything right, more power to them, but we see more students that get distracted easily and just need some guidance to stay focused. The private attention is something that a lot of students really enjoy, so our tutors should be strong in a one-on-one situation. Since there is only one student as opposed to a large group, we want people that seek to learn more about the students than just their strengths and weaknesses in the DAT subjects. We want people that get to know students on a deeper level, understanding their motivation to succeed and other parts of their character. Playing more into their personality than the archetypes they fit will make your bond grow.

In the search for DAT tutoring near me, students are finding their best chances of getting into a great dental school by working with Premier Tutoring. Our students have gone to the best schools, so we want to make sure that we have the best tutors to help you get in. We are always looking for great new tutors that can help our students become great dentists.


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