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Czech Tutoring

Approximately ten million people speak Czech which is the official language of the Czech Republic. Not to be mistaken with Slovak, although eerily similar, this is a language that is a challenge to pick up. Most languages present their own set of challenges, but there are always the ones that ring true with every single one. Things like vocabulary, grammar, syntax, and accent are always going to give students a hard time. This is why our private Czech tutors have developed methods that can help you with this language in particular. Because even though the problems are similar in each language they are not exactly the same.

With teaching students, this exact same statement is true. The problems that students have vary but they are typically the same. However, how students go about handling these issues is what separates the problem. Not everyone is going to be able to learn the necessary vocabulary for Czech in a classroom setting. Students have trouble doing that in their own native tongue. Students require a unique take on vocabulary that can be introduced by one of our language tutors. We never force anything on you or shove your brain with information. This is not the way that you are going to learn the language or anything for that matter.

When you work with Premier Tutoring there are levels to the way we go about getting you what you need. You might be used to searching for “Czech tutoring near me” calling up a service, telling them you want a tutor and then having them randomly match you. With Premier Tutoring absolutely nothing is random about the matching process. First off, you call us up and speak with one of our reps. When we start your match we like to ask you what it is you are looking to gain from your tutoring. We ask about the teaching style you prefer, the gender of the tutor, do you want to work with someone who has an advanced degree. The little things, but the important components.

After that we will not “find” you a tutor, that is not a word that we use. We have already done the search and have a database filled with tutors. What we do is use our database to get you matched with a tutor who perfectly fits your preferences. If you thought the perfect match was too good to be true, we cannot wait to prove you wrong. We pride ourselves on only working with the very best tutors and having a very high success rate. Getting a match wrong is rare for us and if we do we will get you matched with a new tutor in a snap.

Learning the Czech language has never been easier than it is now. The only thing better than picking up Czech with one of our tutors is to speak it in your native tongue. But after several sessions with one of our tutors you will feel like you were born in a Czech speaking language as you will be able to hold conversations, read the language and understand it with the kind of help we offer.


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When you want to learn a language such as Czech you have to be sure you are getting matched with a tutor who knows what they are doing. This is a language, compared to others, that does not have many native speakers. So it is easy to get lost in translation and there are plenty of bad habits that can be picked up. Put down the negative stigma and pick up this language with our private Czech tutoring services. Each day that you spend contemplating on getting our services is a day wasted not learning this language. We had an older student who wanted to visit their home country. They were born in the Czech Republic but they had not been back since birth. Although their parents spoke the language fluently, they insisted on only speaking English in the household.

They wanted to completely assimilate and wanted their child to be a regular American. Because of this, our student felt that they were left out of a major component of this history. They felt as if they did not know themselves which really put a damper on things in their life. So with this in mind, the student decided to visit their birth country. However, they did not know the language and their parents were no longer able to teach them because it had been so long. We were able to get the student matched with a tutor who was also born in the Czech Republic but spoke the language fluently.

The instructor gave the student insight on an aspect of Czech life that the student felt they had been missing for so long. Not only was the student able to learn the language but they also picked up on culture and history that they had missed out on as well. Although their parents did give the student a bit of background information, they were embarrassed of their past. They tried to do everything to hide it and keep it under wraps. So the student grew up her whole life thinking she was an American but she knew something was missing. The tutoring lessons gave the student a sense of self and a new skill that she could carry with her for the remainder of her life.

At Premier Tutoring, the actual learning is secondary. We know that will come when you can make a genuine connection with your tutor and you are building comfortable. The learning comes easy when everything else is set up right. This is something that is overlooked by the school system but at Premier Tutoring we put an emphasis on providing quality education. “Czech tutors near me” are going to make sure you have a blast so you have good memories when you think about how we helped you. Reach out today so we can get our one of a kind process rolling.


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