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Criminal Justice Tutoring

By definition, criminal justice is “the system of law enforcement, involving police, lawyers, courts, and corrections, used for all stages of criminal proceedings and punishment.” This is an in-depth field of study that covers just about every aspect of the justice system. There is more than just the courtroom or correctional facilities involved. In fact, this starts to the way that we approach things on the street. Although police officers may not be as educated as lawyers, they are the means of crime prevention.

However, what is currently going on in America is that police officers are working in areas of the city that they do not live in. They are unfamiliar with the people and because of it, it is similar to a zookeeper working in a zoo. The police view the constituents as animals and vice versa. There is a loss of humanity and the exact same can be said about the courtroom. A lawyer or judge will often look down on a criminal because they cannot empathize with them. Just recently in St. Louis, there was a trial where a police officer murdered an unarmed drug dealer.

The judge was quoted as saying something along the lines of never seeing a drug dealer who did not have a gun on him so it was justifiable that the police officer killed the unarmed man. Needless to say, the city erupted when the judge reached a non-guilty verdict and people felt it was completely unjust. Things like this happen all of the time and it is because our criminal justice system, just like most governmental systems, is flawed. In order for this to change there needs to be a new generation of individuals who enact new ideas. This comes in the form of young students learning about criminal justice.

If you are on the road to making a change from within then you might be in a class such as this one. However, you are struggling to retain the knowledge that is necessary for you to be the best possible student. You know that information is power, especially on the streets. My father was a police officer for twenty-five years and he would always talk about how the one thing he had over criminals was his intelligence. He was a high school drop out and never even stepped foot in a college classroom, but he knew all criminals, no matter how smart, were liable to make mistakes. This knowledge led him to becoming a renowned detective and retiring as a lieutenant.

He was well respected by those who wore the blue uniform and also by those who were active in the streets. You can take it one step further by taking advantage of your college education. Everything you learn from your freshman year up until it is time to graduate will help you on your quest. Working with one of our private criminal justice tutors will allow you do make a bigger difference than my father ever could.

It is not just in the streets where education will be beneficial. But also in the court of law and within the police station itself. Sometimes, there is more corruption on the legal side of things than in the black market. The more you know, the more you can sniff it out and stop tyranny from spreading. You can even add on with a government and politics tutor to shape the law one day.


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Private criminal justice tutoring is not just for students who are enrolled in a college or high school level class. It is also for those who might already be working in the police department, or any other form of criminal justice, and is looking to move up the ranks. In most police departments there are exams that individuals must pass in order to become a higher ranked officer.

These tests will grill the officer on their knowledge of the law and protocol, but it also takes into account their accolades and what they have done on the streets. If you do not want there to be any discrepancies then you need to make sure that you have the written exam down pact.

Our test preparation tutors will be able to work with you on this exam and make sure you are ready to take it on. We can get you matched with “private tutors near me” who have also taken this exam and have helped others reach a level of success. We cannot guarantee that you will get that promotion, but we can promise that if you do the work you will feel certain in your abilities. That is because you actually know the materials which is going to give you the very best chance of passing the exam.

After all, it tests your knowledge. So when you are knocking out all of the mock exams you know that you have the necessary information to do the same on the real thing. You have to stop worrying yourself and start working with someone who can make an actual difference in your life. Working in criminal justice is an incredibly stressful job, it does not matter where you are located or what your job is. This is hard work and you will be dealing with situations that no person should have to think about.

But without people like you, we would be in a state of all-out anarchy. You must make sure you are equipped with the tools to stop the destructive forces from rising. If you are a lawyer or a police officer, you are meant to protect and serve the innocent. One slip up can lead to someone losing their life. Either in the field of combat or in the courtroom. This is why you have to take advantage of all of the resources that are accessible to you.

Premier Tutoring knows how important it is to have someone in your corner who can expand your brain. You will become much more impactful in your career field which will allow you to make an actual difference in the lives of those who need it. “Private criminal justice tutoring near me” will have you on the path of righteousness, let us get you matched right away.


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