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You might be confused by the two acronyms in the name here and they are two different things, but the latter falls under the umbrella of the former. To start, COOP stands for the Cooperative Admissions Program, which is the organization that provides standardized testing for high school admissions, primarily to Catholic high schools. HSPT is the name of the test that is administered to 8th grade students looking to get into those schools and stands simply for High School Placement Test. When you apply to a Catholic high school, they take a lot of things into account, including your grades in middle school, from 6th to 8th grade. In addition to those, your HSPT score provides an objective score that can be used to easily compare students or figure out if they would be successful in the private high schools. If you are someone that wants to make sure that nothing goes wrong when taking the test to make sure that you are a standout in admissions, you should look into private COOP/HSPT tutors to help your child pass the test. We offer tutors throughout the country, so you can get someone great and be sure that your child is prepared for the test, which is probably the first major standardized test that they are taking.

Before taking the test, the obvious decision that you are making is whether you want to send your child to a Catholic high school. Some parents choose Catholic schools over private schools even if they are not Catholic or even Christian because they can be some of the best preparatory schools in the country. While not a Catholic school, NCS, the National Cathedral School in Washington, DC, is one of the best places to send your child, regardless of religion. They do, however, do not allow men. Christian high schools have been shown to improve behavior of students and often have graduating classes that perform equal or better than their peers, not worse.

Like pretty much any standardized test that you will take for general placement, it covers the main subjects that you might expect: math, reading, verbal, and language. Pretty simply, it is the same English and math that you will see anywhere else, but down to the level of 8th graders to test their skills, which are likely not as developed as SAT takers. For that reason, you might go to a specific reading and comprehension tutor if you are looking to improve on that section of the test. But if you are looking specifically to pass this test, it is a better idea to go to a specific HSPT tutor to make sure that you understand the format and structure of the test. They will be able to help you in any of the areas that you are struggling in, so you can rest assured that you do not need to switch to another subject tutor.

When you are looking for COOP/HSPT tutors near me, we are the best option because we are finding the best tutors around the country. We are looking for the best people that you can find and you will not have to break the bank to do it. The test itself is going to set you back $65, so you do not want to keep shelling out money and should not have to. Instead, come to our fair-priced tutors that will overachieve their pay as they help your student out. One thing to know before you take the test is that you need to know the schools that you are applying to BEFORE you come to take the test. You are allowed to apply to up to three schools, but you need to know them to write in the school codes on your test. This will make sure your score gets sent to those schools. You can get the codes on the day of, so make sure that you at least know the names. Getting into Catholic high schools is never easy, but we can help relieve some of the stress that you are going through with our Premier Tutoring.


Who we hire?


When you are looking for private COOP/HSPT tutoring, you are looking for a different kind of tutor to fit your family’s needs than a tutor that you might get for any other standardized test. Sure, it is pretty obvious for me to keep telling you that you want this kind of tutor for this kind of test, but it is not only about the quality of the tutoring that you receive. We offer tutoring in your home and part of that means accepting someone into your home that is teaching your child. While some parents are not as concerned with the values that their tutors live by and exemplify, that is not the case here. You are looking to go to a Catholic high school, so more likely than not, you are looking at this place for the religious values that are taught alongside the regular academic lessons. That means that you want someone that is going to live by and teach the same values, even if that person is only going to be a part of your life for a temporary time.

When we hire COOP/HSPT tutoring near me, it is always people that are Catholic themselves, even if you are not looking for that as the reason you are going. That way, you are getting prepared for the environment that you are entering. We still find people that fit your needs and they are not going out there trying to convert anyone, but we have found that people really like learning from people that are similar to the educators that they are about to learn from. Some of the people that we hire are even retired teachers from those schools that you are applying to, so they can also give you insight on the school and help you make decisions about the three you are applying to. We try to offer you more value than just standard tutoring.


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