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Applying to college is going to be one of the hardest things that you are going to have to do as a senior in high school. You thought your classes were hard? That is nothing compared to all of the materials that you must supply to your future college. If you are a college hopeful then you are going to work with one of our private college counseling tutors. The thing about most high schools is that they typically have a few members of the faculty who are dedicated to working with all of the other students. They are stretched thin and there is only so much time that they can spend with each student.

You might get a few minutes each week with your high school appointed college counselor depending on the size of your school. This is absolutely not going to be enough if you are really struggling to get into college.  We had a student who was the first of his family to ever apply for college, so his parents had no clue how to help him. He was basically a pioneer and his school really did not do too much to assist him either. They were understaffed, and the only college counselor on campus gave the student a few packets to look into. Nothing that would actually allow for them to get into college. So he did his own research and found “college counseling tutors near me” through Premier Tutoring.

We got him in contact with someone who could actually help him make the right decisions and fill out the applications properly. They might help you find the right SAT math tutor. Doing this alone is almost impossible, the system is set up to weed out certain types of students. Your tutor is going to make sure that you do not get weeded out but instead, you fully blossom into a beautiful scholarly flower. The tutor helped the student with everything needed to get into school from admissions exams to the college essay. The essay is one of the most daunting aspects of the application process and something that cannot be overlooked. This is how colleges get to see who you are without meeting you. It is your interview that also gives the faculty a glance into your actual writing style.

Being able to communicate with your written word is a vital point of success in college for all students. So colleges want to see if you can sell yourself to them without actually speaking a word or meeting face to face. Our proofreading tutors can help you go through your paper and make sure that it is as tight as possible. Giving you feedback and helping you tweak it so that it is much more appealing to those who read it.

There are certain things that they want to see during your college application, and your tutor will make sure all of that is in your paper. Your college counseling tutor will also help you make sure all of your affairs are in order. With so many little things to worry about, it is easy to forget what you need to have when it comes to your application. A counseling tutor will be able to give you the second pair of expert eyes that are required to get into the best schools.


Who we hire?


One of our favorite things to do is highlight our wonderful tutors. We are not the braggadocious types at Premier Tutoring, but we know that we work with the best and we take pride in this fact. We want you to know this as well because it is important for us to give you the academic experience of a lifetime. When you hire an expert to lead your private college counseling tutoring sessions, you are essentially bringing in a family friend. This individual is going to help you with one of the most memorable times in your life so you want to make sure you are bringing someone in who feels like family. This is why we so carefully handpick each and every one of our tutors no matter the subject.

We truly want you learning from someone and working with a professional who you can be comfortable around. When you are stiff and rigid around a person, it is going to be reflected in the sessions. Your energy is the main driving force for anything you do. If it is negative, then everything around you is also going to be negative. But when you are positive, you are more receptive to everything that is around you. We have one tutor who has been doing college counseling for years. Students call us up during their junior year of high school just to work with her. The reason why they love her so much is that she treats each student as if they are one of her own.

She even takes pictures with each student and hangs it up on her wall next to the pennant of the college they got into. This was a tradition she started years ago and she shows the picture to the students right before the first session. A visual representation of her resume, but it is also a sign of what is to come if these students pay attention to her and do what they are told. She knows how to get students into college and she is just one of several tutors that we have with this skill. We supply the tutors, you supply the work ethic. When these two converge they create the prime situation for you to become the very best that you can be as a student.

The application process is just the starting point, you want to maintain your stride all the way up until you reach the finish line. When you start a race you want to make sure you get a good push off the blocks. Working with your college counseling tutor is you getting a strong jump. Our team of reps is waiting for you to give you the extra boost you need to start getting things done. “College counseling tutoring near me” will be an eye-opening experience for you as a student and a human being.


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