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Frankly, if you are looking for private CLAST tutors, you are probably really in need of some help. Why do I already know that about you? Well, first off, the requirement to pass the CLAST was discontinued by the state and they no longer fund the test. CLAST stands for College Level Academic Skills Test, but they dropped out the T in 2009 from requirements because they realized that you could prove that you had the same skills by alternate methods. For example, the test is for college level math and communication skills, but you have been taking tests for years that show the level of your skills. The SAT and ACT both have math and verbal sections that provide an easy alternative to the CLAST test. On the SAT, if you get above a 500 on both sections of the test, you have already knocked out your CLAS requirement before even stepping foot on campus. On the ACT, the scores are 21 on English and Math and 22 on Reading. If you were not able to do both, but you were able to pass one of the sections, you can carry that over and fix your other score in college. If you can get a 2.5 GPA or higher in two English or Math classes, you pass that part of the CLAS requirement. The only restrictions are that only one math class can be statistics and logic doesn’t count. You can also get a disability exemption or a few other methods to get out of the CLAS requirement.

But let us say that you have not found a way to pass those requirements and you really need something else to pass the requirement. The CLAST test is still around and can be your saving grace to move on to advanced level classes and eventually earn your diploma. But first, you need to know what the test is all about and how the test works. The test is provided three times a year to students that have finished at least two years of college. The test is broken up into an English and Reading section, a math section, and an essay. For English and Reading, you have 80 minutes total to answer 81 questions. It is broken up into 41 and 40 questions for language skills and reading skills. The math section is 90 minutes and consists of 55 questions. Finally, the essay portion is a 60 minute section that consists of only one question. To pass the test, you need to score a 6 on the Essay and 295 on the remaining test. There are no individual requirements for math vs. English, so you can make up for one if you are better at the other.

To take the test, make sure that you get an admission ticket from your college. This is required for students to get in because the test is otherwise free. If you are looking for CLAST tutors near me, we are your best bet. It is one of the easier tests for us to find tutors for because the geographic region where it is taken is fairly small. You are only going to take this test if you go to school in Florida, so if you are looking for tutors near you in Alabama, maybe reconsider your decision. Our tutors can help the people of Florida improve their skills enough to pass the test and move forward. Just by going through the strategies that they teach you about how to approach questions will do wonders to help your score. We will make sure that you prove to Florida that you are ready for the next step in college.


Who we hire?


In terms of finding private CLAST tutoring, as I mentioned above, we do not have that hard of a time covering the area, but we have had a little trouble finding people that are proficient in what is now a defunct test of ten years. The thing about a test that has not been required in ten years is that the people that take the test become those that are not very good at those skills in the first place. The population of people that have taken the CLAST test is low and the next generation are not as smart as the same people that were required to take the test ten years ago. A lot can change in ten years and that is especially true of tests. Those that took the test and would make great tutors are getting older and their insights might not apply as well to people taking the test today.

Some people think that it is okay to substitute in SAT Reading tutors or the equivalent for the ACT instead of going to a specific CLAST tutor. In the end, they are testing for the same skills, so they should have similar questions. It is something that you might consider when you struggle to find tutors, but that is why you come to us. We highly discourage using someone that is not trained in this specific test because the nuances of the test might mean the difference between you passing and failing. Why take that risk when you can just come to us?

Ultimately, CLAST tutoring near me is the right call because we are the only people that are dedicated to learning this test and making sure that we can pass along that knowledge to others. We have helped hundreds of kids on the CLAST test and they have most of the time come to us without confidence and left with passing scores and confidence going into the back half of college. We hire people all through the state of Florida to help you with the test, so you can always be sure that there is someone on our team that is near enough by to you. We do not hire anyone to do CLAST tutoring outside of the state of Florida, which should make a lot of sense. I am not sure there are even qualified CLAST tutors outside of the state, but you can rest assured that we are not looking. Our people will always be close by to you.


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