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Civil Engineering Tutoring

Civil engineering is one of the oldest forms of engineering there is, as it concerns the construction of public structures that are necessary for us to coexist. This can include lots of different public works, such as roads, bridges, canals, dams, airports, sewage systems, pipeines, railways, and more. That can sometimes seem like you are going to make simple and boring structures, but this can result in some of the most amazing marvels on the planet. Here are some of the greatest civil engineering marvels of the world that you can learn about with private civil engineering tutors.

For example, the Channel Tunnel between England and France is a 32 mile, underwater rail tunnel that joins Folkstone, England and Coquelles, France. Instead of needing to go over a busy bridge or take a boat or ferry, you are able to quickly move between countries thanks to the railway. The water is not just a concern in terms of drowning, as it also affects the maintenance of the railway. Wet conditions could lead to rust and material failures, so they needed to make sure that it was not leaking. The underwater portion of the tunnel is 23.5 miles long, so it required a lot of know-how just to figure out how to build the whole thing. Not to mention maintenance concerns, as fires broke out during the building of the tunnel. The whole thing is comprised of two rail tubes and a third emergency tube that is there for a safe escape. The American Society of Civil Engineers recognized it as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

One of the strange feats of civil engineering that is rare, but possible is the Palm Islands in Dubai. You might have heard of billionaires in the past that have built their own private islands in cool shapes. The Palm Islands are shaped as you might expect, like a palm tree. This is not a civil engineering feat, but there was an amazing invention that was similar for brownies. The best brownies are the ones on the edge of the pan because the borders harden, so people take those first. That is why a pan was developed that has a maze-like track, making it so every brownie has edges. Similarly, the palm tree shape creates 320 miles of new shoreline in Dubai. It is all done with sand dredging ships that fill the seabed with sand. It takes some smart engineering to make sure that the land masses stay in the right place.

Another rare, but interesting form of civil engineering comes in the form of massive sports stadiums. These can often seem like a massive waste of resources, especially in places that are building them for one-time events, such as the Olympics or World Cup. They also take a massive amount of resources to run, especially electricity. China’s National Stadium in Beijing, also known as the Bird’s Nest, was built for the 2008 Olympics and is one of the most unique buildings in the world, as well as one of the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly stadiums. During the winter, geothermal pipes heat the indoor part of the stadium. Underground cisterns collect rainwater for irrigation and use in restrooms. The whole thing makes up for the environmental cost.

These are just a few modern wonders of the world, but there is a lot of opportunity to build more. Even the streets of LA could use a redesign, as they are horrible at rain mitigation. These things seem self-evident, but we need great civil engineers to make sure they happen. Work with civil engineering tutors near me if you want to join the fight.


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The whole field of engineering covers a massive umbrella of sub-disciplines in the field, each with a plethora of their own sub-divisions. Even going down to the specific context of civil engineering, there are plenty of smaller disciplines that are also important and we want to make sure that we have private civil engineering tutoring to cover any type that a student is interested in.

For example, coastal engineering is the management of coastal areas. The names are going to be pretty accurate to what you are doing when you get this specific. With the changing nature of tides, engineers must defend the land from the sea and protect the coast from other damage. In areas where there are great tidal changes, flooding can occur, which needs to be managed.

Earthquake engineering is another of the specific fields you might study. This might not be common in certain parts of the world, but places like California need earthquake engineers to plan ahead for when disaster might strike, so they do not experience catastrophic damage. An engineer might work with someone with a strong geology background to understand the changing nature of the ground and make sure that small earthquakes do not create foundational cracks and large earthquakes do not cause even bigger damage.

Water resources engineers are also a specific type that might be geographically specific, but we saw just how important these types of civil engineers were when Hurricane Katrina hit. Levees are a large part of water resources engineering and the overflowing levees caused even more damage than the hurricane itself when Katrina hit. This is not to say that this was a failure of civil engineers, but great engineers must figure out how to make sure things like that never happen again.

The goal of civil engineering is to create structures that can withstand the elements and there are many different elements out to get us. Working with civil engineering tutoring near me is a good way to start figuring out which one you will fight against, as we are looking for tutors of all varieties. I would liken it to Captain Planet, where each member of the team had their own specialty, but they all worked to save the planet. We are looking for people of all types, earth, water, wind, fire, and heart.


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