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China is now the most populous country on the planet with over 1.4 billion people. Not only that, the country is currently in the midst of an industrial revolution that is turning it into a powerhouse. The Chinese film industry is becoming so large that it is challenging Hollywood’s films. For example, Stephen Chow, who found crossover success in America with his movies Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle, made a film in 2016 called The Mermaid that made $526 million in China alone. In the same year, the only film that made over $500 million in America was Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which has the 11th highest domestic gross of all time. Against the all-time domestic box office charts, The Mermaid would be the 12th highest gross ever. That is more than The Dark Knight Rises or Avengers: Age of Ultron.

There are many other industries where China is becoming a major player. Going to college, there were many Chinese students around me who were studying twice as hard as I was, learning English on top of their studies. If Chinese students are putting in that much work, American students are going to fall behind once China’s industry catches up. They already outnumber us by more than three times, so we could get swallowed if they continue the trend. If you are going to communicate with Chinese businesses in the future, you want to look for Chinese tutors near me.

It might seem like you should be afraid of the coming wave of Chinese businesses, but you should look at it as an opportunity rather than a threat. A forward-thinking student might see Chinese as a differentiator that can give you a leg up on your peers in the future. As Chinese students come to America, barely any American students go to China, let alone learn the language. When you take the time to work with private Chinese tutoring, you are going to be one of a select few that has the skills to collaborate with Chinese businesses while understanding the nuance of American business. Working with our Chinese or Cantonese tutoring, you can get ahead of the game.

You might wonder which type of Chinese we are talking about, as there are multiple languages that traditionally fall under the Chinese umbrella in the US. Although Cantonese is also a major language that you might take, this refers to Mandarin, which is far more prevalent in China. Mandarin is the native language for over 900 million Chinese people. Cantonese has far fewer speakers, with only around 80 million speakers. Cantonese is widely considered the second language of China. In America, this would be represented by Spanish, although the percentage of the population in America that speaks Spanish is actually higher than that of Cantonese speakers in China.

Overall, the best language to learn if you want to converse with the majority of Chinese people is Mandarin. A foundation in Mandarin will be your best bet at making yourself competitive in the job market, especially if you are pursuing a business career. The job market is incredibly difficult for everyone. You are forced to spread your net wider and wider if you want to get a good career. A good way to compete is to have a job already, but another good way is to possess skills that nobody else in your industry has. My mom always taught me that you can’t fire an expert and that is true of Americans who learn Chinese. Your special skills might not just get you a job, but also keep you employed at a company if layoffs arrive.


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The good thing about Chinese tutoring is that a lot of the places where Chinese businesses have moved to the US are now becoming good centers for Chinese speakers. For example, most Chinese businesses are in California, which is where 40% of the Chinese speaking population of America lives. That said, areas, where Chinese is not as prevalent, are not getting the short end of the stick because they can take advantage of the resources of other states. That is not ideal, however, so we are actively looking for private Chinese tutors in areas that have less coverage. For example, South Carolina does not have many Chinese speakers, but we would love to find some Gamecocks studying Chinese that can tutor on the side.

One thing that is really helpful in learning languages is someone familiar with culture as well. In many cases, you want to learn a language because you are interested in the people that speak it anyway, so finding someone that has grown up with Chinese culture in their life is important. Instead of Kung Pao Chicken, we want authentic Chinese tutoring near me. Even if you are not Chinese, if you have immersed yourself in the culture and language, you could make a great Chinese tutor.

If you have ever had bad Chinese food, you can tell the difference between items made by Americans and delicious dishes from an authentic restaurant. There might be one ingredient substituted or not added in the right proportions that throws off the entire balance. Native Chinese people respect the idea of balance. The yin and yang are concepts that everyone knows from Chinese philosophy. One represents the light and the other dark, one positive and the other negative. You cannot have one without the other. You also cannot let one take precedence over the other. Both sides must end up equal. It is not too dissimilar to karma, as a cosmic ledger keeps both sides even.

Oftentimes, the right Chinese tutor is someone that can hold the perfect balance between Chinese tradition and English culture. Someone that knows both sides deeply is able to help you bridge the gap between the languages and find your own healthy balance. The process is unique to each student, so the right tutor is someone that is confident in their own skills enough to pass them forward to the next generation.


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