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Irving Chernev, a Russian chess legend, probably said it best about chess when he said, “Every chess master was once a beginner.” You might think that you are always three moves behind, but the chances are that you are just not experienced at chess. Maybe you have played a few games and gotten into some strategic grooves, but private chess tutors are able to teach you strategies so you can see where people are going before they ever make a move.

The thing that makes a good chess player is an ability to dominate the mind of your opponent. Some might look at chess as a series of independent moves taking turns. You might make some reactionary moves in the mid-game based on your opponent, but most players start out with their own strategy and watch it unfold. When you are able to go one step deeper as a chess player, you can start to see how moving a pawn one space instead of two is a signal for what strategy the opponent is taking. If you are able to see what your opponent is going for, you can cut them off at the pass and defeat them.

I remember first learning chess in 2nd grade from the father of a girl who would technically be my first kiss (she ran up to me at recess and kissed me on the nose, so it is up to you whether you believe that counts). They were both a bit dorky and obsessed with chess. You could see where she got it from. The bespectacled father would walk over from their house down the street and teach us about chess strategy. I do not remember the moves, but he showed us a technique called the four move checkmate. I remember a confident student stepping to the board and making moves, but everything was part of a greater plan. The first pawn move seemed arbitrary, but, just as quickly as the game had begun, it was over in four moves. I was stunned. I have since learned that this technique is basically a parlor trick and actually puts you in a terrible position if it does not work, but it was cool to see what it looks like when a great chess player traps their opponent.

Chess is like football, in that both games require a surprising amount of strategy to win. Although the action is the fun part of football, most of the game time is spent with pre-snap adjustments. First, the offensive and defensive coordinators set a base play to run, but both sides look at the signals that come from certain alignments and use those to audible and change the play on the fly. Smart coaches, like great chess players, are able to disguise their alignments to lure people into traps. Just when you think that you have figured things out, a smart coach will change things again and keep you guessing.

There are a lot of games where you want to get on the offensive, but chess is one where keeping your cool is the only way to get ahead. David Shenk, a writer, and lecturer, once said, “Chess is rarely a game of ideal moves. Almost always, a player faces a series of difficult consequences whichever move he makes.” This perfectly highlights how chess teaches you about more than just playing a game. Every chess match is a negotiation between two parties or a war breaking out, with two generals forced to use the right strategy to take the king. To be the best, search for chess tutors near me.


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In the big Game of Thrones Battle for Winterfell, you could see pretty quickly that the plan of attack was poor. They started by sending the entire army of the Dothraki straight into the army of white walkers, which was a bad plan proved worse when almost every flaming Dothraki sword was extinguished in less than ten seconds. After that, they let the white walkers go on the offensive and laid what they thought was a trap or impediment in a massive trench that was set on fire. That was also quickly defeated. In many ways, the strategy of the living was to try to sneak into position to kill the Night King and catch him as fast as possible. In a lot of ways, this was an attempt at the four move checkmate that went horribly wrong. The best private chess tutoring would tell you that you need a real plan or some backup plans if you are going to be ready for what your opponent throws at you.

One of the skills that you must have as a great chess player is patience and concentration and that also holds for chess tutors. You can’t make moves willy nilly when you are a chess player. As David Shenk said, the consequences are too great when you make a mistake, so that is why it takes so long to make a move. In speed chess, you do not have that luxury. Every second that you do not make a move, your clock ticks away, so you need to be as prepared as you can be in advance. That, especially, is a form of chess that requires a lot of know-how. You need to make sure that you are studied and practiced if you are going to be able to think one step ahead under the time pressure.

The best chess players know moves without even looking at the board. One of the things that I was impressed by when I had my nerdy chess teacher was that he could tell you the position of anything on the board in a flash. He also had a photographic memory, so he could play an entire game of chess in his head. It was clear why he fell in love with the game when you saw all of his great advantages, as it was obvious that this was the sport where he excelled. There was no reason for him to get a basketball tutor and improve his shot to join my dad’s league because he could smoke my dad at chess. He knew his lane and excelled.

If you think that you are an analytical mind and master strategist, you might be the perfect personality to join our ranks of chess tutoring near me.


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