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Chemical Engineering Tutoring

At its simplest, chemical engineering can be described as the branch of engineering used to efficiently use, produce, design, transport, and transform energy and materials. That is a pretty broad definition, but that is because chemical engineering is one of the most versatile forms of engineering that there is. That is why chemical engineers have been referred to in the past as universal engineers. Their work can range from the smallest scale of nano-technology to the largest scale industrial projects. You can do so many great things with a chemical engineering degree, but getting to that degree takes a lot of hard work. You have a lot of difficult science classes to take and they are going to require a lot of studying. If you want to improve your chances of passing and make sure that you are on your way to a chemical engineering degree, private chemical engineering tutors are the best way to make sure that you are getting the help that you need.

The field of chemical engineering combines many disciplines, so you are likely going to take classes in a wide range of subjects, such as chemistry (obviously), physics, biology, mathematics, and even economics. A chemical engineering student may choose to specifically get chemistry tutoring to help them build the foundation before moving on to higher level chemical engineering classes. Chemical engineering takes bits and pieces of all of those to help build cost-effective and efficient ways to harness energy. You might even add in some work on sustainability and making sure that the work has the least impact on the environment as possible. With the world in need of better standards for man-made emissions, the need for chemical engineers to develop new ways to get energy that are sustainable is higher than ever. That is why chemical engineers can make tons of money, some getting six-figure salaries right out of undergraduate universities. Those students are not few and far between because the need for talented engineers is almost endless.

Some major industries utilize chemical engineers every day, which is why the pay can be so lucrative. A lot of chemical engineers get into the various energy industries, which can include the oil and gas industries, coal, or nuclear energy. The dangers of those combustible elements makes having talented chemical engineers essential to making sure that people stay safe, both in the extraction of oil and the impact on the environment surrounding the drill site. Similarly, chemical engineers might get jobs in the processing of oil, such as converting it to plastics, synthetic rubber, and other specialty types of fuel. Outside of the oil and energy businesses, chemical engineers can find work in both the food and drink industry and pharmaceutical industry. There are lots of needs for smart chemical engineers to design better concoctions that will cure all of our many ailments. The pharmaceutical industry is another that pays very well, which is why becoming a chemical engineer can be so enticing.

With such a great market for chemical engineers, it is clear why so many people are looking for chemical engineering tutors near me. The opportunities are massive, especially if you are a woman. There is currently an emphasis on promoting STEM fields for women because they are criminally underrepresented in the field. This falls right into that category and the scarcity of other women in the field makes it much easier to differentiate yourself if you are a female chemical engineer. We are still working toward changing the perceptions of women in the industry, but we hope that we can encourage more women to seek out chemical engineering degrees and fight back against the gender imbalance.


Who we hire?


As mentioned, the gender imbalance in chemical engineering is one that we hope to fight back against and that holds true when we extend that belief to our hiring process. We have seen first-hand that there is a big difference in the number of men that apply to join our private chemical engineering tutoring as opposed to the number of women and we have trouble fixing the balance when we are not seeing the people coming in. I once told someone about this struggle and they laughed at me. They then started to chastise me for not reaching out more to women to let them know that the opportunities are out there. She got on me for not making more of an effort to reach out.

Although she was not completely right and her aggression was fairly unwarranted, her point was not wrong. My job was not to reach out to women, but if that is our goal to find women to tutor, it becomes our responsibility to make an effort more than just accepting applications to make that dream a reality. We reach out all across the country hunting down the best tutors, men and women, to make sure that students are not only getting the best possible educational opportunities, but also getting the range of options if finding a tutor that allows them to go with the best fit as a person to work alongside them. This is a highly personal process, so finding women to empower other women is something that we want to do to make sure that this is the experience that you are best suited for personally.

This is not to say that there are not male options too. In fact, we have so many male tutors that we are able to provide even deeper specificity when it comes to matching. Our roster of chemical engineering tutoring near me is never lacking because there is an easy wealth of chemical engineering graduates that are looking to make a little extra cash and help out the next generation. We are constantly expanding our team, finding people from diverse background to make sure that you are never going to feel like your tutor can’t be your partner. You will get someone that helps you take this journey with you and makes you a better chemical engineer in the end.


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