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When I was younger, my parents took us to see a lot of concerts and some had orchestras with them. My sister would always tell my dad that she want to learn to play the big violin, which was really cute. She was in her teens and much older than me, but it was cute nonetheless. She never got around to playing the big violin, but that thing that she was talking about, in case you have not figured it out by now, is the cello and it is surprisingly easy to begin learning. A lot of people are surprised when you are able to help them play a song that they recognize without them knowing anything that they are doing. This is not just by magic, but requires the teacher to do most of the work. One of the things that I have seen our private cello tutors do in the first lesson with students is to isolate the bow skills by taking care of all of the fret work for the student. Learning where to put your fingers on the strings is the complicated part, but running the bow across the string to create sound is the fundamental step that you can master in moments. It is really cool to see the look in the eyes of the student as they feel like they are a part of making the music. In reality, they are really doing none of the heavy lifting, but that is for them to figure out later. Starting out, this could be a great way to build confidence and show that they just need to work on the fretting.

As a guitar player, I know what it is like to struggle with finger placement, but guitars have notched frets and those do not exist on the cello. You are going to need to practice to know where the spots your fingers need to go are and that just means time and repetitions. You can’t cheat that with talent because there really is no way to have that. Even if you have a perfect ear, it will take some tuning to make sure that you are hitting the right notes. When I started playing the guitar, I had played fake guitar on Guitar Hero for years and though that it would be easy. That was not the case. I started trying to learn different guitar riffs because I thought it would be fun. Sweet Home Alabama came to mind, so I went to the internet to learn the right places for my fingers. The thing about Sweet Home Alabama is that the riff requires a lot of quick finger movements to complete. If you are going to nail it, what it really take is practice. Your muscles are just not ready to jump right in with string instruments, but you can teach it. When I started to practice, it was not working for me, but I stuck to it and it eventually started getting better and better until I can now do it easily.

The thing about cello tutors near me is that they can really only provide half of the battle. Most people want to get someone that can bring them all the way to the virtuoso levels, but that is not something that you can reach unless you are willing to put in the practice time. The key to becoming a great cello player has nothing to do with the tutor that you hire and everything to do with your work ethic, your consistency, and your willingness to go the extra mile to get better. A lot of people want the instant gratification that they get from other sources, but playing the cello means that you have to go back to the time when you were hungry and willing to put in work to improve.


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Finding the right private cello tutoring can take some time, even though you are going to be doing a lot of the practice work on your own. What you want to be sure of is that you found someone that is going to maximize the efficiency during the hour or so sessions, so that you can be best prepared to work on your own. As much as this is going to require your individual effort, it does not mean that you are in this alone. On the contrary, you are going to have someone in your corner that is rooting for you to succeed. When you struggle, do not feel bad, just take those issues back to your tutor because they are there to take those struggles and help you approach them with new strategies to overcome them.

Someone came to me recently and asked me about the similarities between the upright bass and the cello. The two instruments look rather similar, so one might assume that they are similar in how they are played. While similar is a fine word to use, they are anything but the same. The real question asked to me was whether you could substitute in an upright bass tutor if you could not find a cello tutor to your liking I had to tell that person that it is not possible or helpful. The upright bass looks like a cello, but the tuning is actually all different. One of the other major differences is that you tend to pluck the strings on the upright bass rather than playing them with a bow like on the cello. Overall, I would say that you would be better using an online cello tutor than it would be to sub in an upright bass tutor in person.

All of that said, we are totally fine in the cello tutor department. One of the things that we pride ourselves on is the massive network of tutors that we have relationships with and that means that you should have absolutely no trouble finding cello tutoring near me. Those that want to learn the instrument will love working with our amazing tutors.


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