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The CBEST is the California Educator Credentialing Examinations. It might sound funny, but even teachers need tutors too. Private CBEST tutors will be able to help potential teachers achieve their dreams of helping the next generation of students and ones after that. Here’s a story about a teacher who has now been working for a couple of years at one of the finest high schools in the country. She had just graduated from college and was unsure of what she wanted to do with her English degree. Going back to school was not an option because she already had student loans and she just did not have any interest in sitting in class any longer. She wanted to get out and start making a difference in the lives of the youth.

After looking around and asking what she should do with her next step, one of her friends advised her to become a teacher. Now, this never went through her head because school was not her favorite thing to do. Being in a classroom all day did not really appeal to her when she was a child so she did not see why it would appeal to her as an adult. So instead, she decided to work as an English tutor for a while helping students who were in need. She soon discovered that she loved the work she was doing and spending time with students. She really meshed with them and after her sessions parents kept asking her if their student could enroll in the school she taught at because she was so good.

The question came up so much that she decided to stop being stubborn so she reached back out to her friend. She was able to audit a class at a high school and her whole mentality on school changed. The realization struck her that the reason why she hated school when she was younger was that she did not have a teacher that was like her. She decided to start doing her homework and found out about the CBEST. She knew that the Praxis was not what she needed. This concerned her because she was never a good standardized test taker. In fact, she was not admitted to the university of her choice because she did not do well enough on her ACT exam. This made her panic and reconsider becoming a teacher. But a friend recommended Premier Tutoring and our test preparation tutors.

She invested her money into her education and started to figure out the best way to approach the CBEST. Since this exam costs money and there are only a few offered each year, her tutor set a plan. She was going to take the exam in February so she would have her results and be ready to apply for jobs in the summer. Also, if she did not get the score she needed she could take it in April and still be able to apply for jobs in the summer.

She studied several times a week for hours in private CBEST tutoring sessions. She was still tutoring on the side to make money, all the time developing the teaching methods that she would use when she was ready to become a teacher. The test day came and she was not as nervous as usual because she had prepared like she never had in her life. She ended up acing the test on her first try and was able to get a job right away. Now she is one of the best teachers in the California area, helping students develop a deep love for English.


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All you have to do to become a teacher in the state of California is to pass the CBEST. That is easier said than done and I am obviously downplaying the intensity of this exam. “CBEST tutoring near me” will open your eyes to all three sections of this exam. There is the reading section which is composed of fifty multiple choice questions. In this section of the exam, you will be tested on your ability to comprehend the information that they are presenting to you. This information is usually conveyed via prose, tables or graphs. The level of difficulty varies from question to question, but you need to make sure that you have enough time to give yourself a fair chance. One of our reading and comprehension tutors can make sure you are aware of how much time you have as well as what you are reading.

The next section is the mathematics section which also consists of fifty multiple choice questions. Although this is not the reading section, there are still several instances where you will be reading. This portion of the exam has you doing a variety of math problems, the majority of them being word problems. This tests your ability to read, comprehend and then solve a math problem. Not an easy task whatsoever, but it can be made simpler with the help of a math tutor. Word problems seem like they are sent from hell, but your tutor will act as your guardian angel. Leading you in the right direction.

The final section consists of writing two essays. Unlike the ACT, this section is not optional and you must answer both essays effectively. If you do no, then it will have a negative impact on your overall score. So you must take your time and make sure you are doing everything in the right way. Writing is one thing, but writing with a ticking clock in your ear is entirely different. Of course, the clock is not actually ticking in your ear. That would be annoying and unnecessary. But you will feel the time ticking in your head as you are trying to write your essays.

The best thing to do is to eliminate all doubt by teaming up with an essay writing tutor. They will make sure that you are able to get your essays out in the appropriate amount of time while not having to worry about it too much. Then you can focus on actually making a difference in the classroom and not getting certified. Get serious about your career as a teacher and start your search for “CBEST tutors near me.” Who knows? You might even learn a thing or two on the way that you can use to help better your students.


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