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In America, we decided some time ago that we would just lump all Chinese speakers into one box, despite the large differences between Mandarin and Cantonese. That has led to inaccurate data when it comes to the number of Cantonese speakers in the country, as the census box only accounts for Chinese. Although Mandarin is spoken by the majority of Chinese people, Cantonese is much more popular in America than in the native land.

Despite the fact that we did not make much distinction in the census, there are major differences between the languages, so finding Cantonese tutors near me is often a difficult task. You want to make sure that you are not hiring a Chinese tutor only for it to turn out that you got a Mandarin speaker rather than a Cantonese speaker. One way to know for sure is to find out what region they are from. Cantonese originated in the Guangzhou province, which is also known as Canton (hence the name), so someone from that area is likely to speak the language you need. In addition, Hong Kong and Macau are also places where Cantonese is the primary language.

Coming to America, many Chinese immigrants have found their way to the coasts, most on the west coast, as that is closer to China. According to data from 2000, 40% of Chinese speakers live in California, so you are likely going to have an easy time finding Cantonese tutoring near me if you live in San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, Sacramento, or San Diego. On the flip side, New York is also a major hub, making up another 20% of the population. Most Chinese speakers come from the original colonies, such as New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Georgia, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.

Finding the right help is going to be easiest if you are on one of the coasts, but that does not mean you can’t find help learning Cantonese if you live in North Dakota, which is the least Chinese state, sporting just 437 Chinese speakers in 2000. With the help of Skype or other video services, you can learn Cantonese from anywhere with our Chinese tutors.

One way that Cantonese differs from Mandarin, even though they share the same alphabet, is that much of China simplified the characters over the years. In Hong Kong, which did not become a part of China until the late 1990s, they still used traditional brushstrokes, which feature complex characters. For many Cantonese writers, the familiarity gained from knowing the complex versions allows them to understand the simple versions as well. Conversely, many who only know Mandarin are confused by the added complexity of the traditional version.

By taking Cantonese, you can make sure that you understand everything from the simplest to the most complex. You get a leg up on the people that only know Mandarin when you put in the extra effort to learn Cantonese. That does not mean you suddenly know both languages, but it puts you in a competitive position, as you join a smaller group of people with those qualifications. It could mean the difference in a job search, as you could take a spot from someone who can’t read characters like you.


Who we hire?


To take away all of the pain of finding private Cantonese tutors for students, we take that struggle on for them. We are looking everywhere for all kinds of Cantonese speakers, no matter the background. We have done good work reaching out to different collegiate programs for their language students, as they are both knowledgeable and available to teach. Many are desperate for another source of income, so it is a perfect match to turn them into tutors. We get how difficult it is to get by these days. Student loans are murder on your bank accounts, but many students get a job while they are still in school to start paying their loans down as early as possible. Instead of signing up at your school’s call center and having to call alumni for donations that they refuse to give (likely because they are still paying student loans of their own), try a much more fun and rewarding opportunity by tutoring students and contributing to the next generation.

It is a great idea for Cantonese speakers in America to become tutors because it is a great way to stay in practice. It can be nearly impossible for native Cantonese speakers to find others to talk to, especially outside of their community. This makes the language feel insulated, even though it is only the case in certain parts of the country. By joining the ranks of our private Cantonese tutoring, you can stay practiced and not have to grasp for words you temporarily forgot.

We look for tutors that want to stay involved with the language they are working on, in addition to the culture that is associated. This could mean that you are a huge fan of Cantonese music. K-pop might be more of the rage right now in the US, but Hong Kong’s HK-pop offers a different style that has swept China. Mandopop tries to steal its thunder, but Cantopop came first and serves a huge audience. Someone familiar with Raymond Lam can use his music to help contextualize the language with Americans who are struggling.

We want innovators as well as knowledgeable tutors. Your ideas about how to teach kids could make a difference when it comes to reaching an unreachable child. There is no one good way to teach, only a collection of techniques that have been developed over time. Great tutors are able to create their own path, one that fits the individual student. This can change with every student, leading to a highly personalized, hyper-efficient setting. Under these conditions, students are empowered to learn. They are able to thrive where they could not do so before in school. Our best Cantonese tutors are able to find what you like in the language and help you build your skills until you are an expert.


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