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Calculus Tutoring

Calculus is Latin for “small stone” because in order to understand the full picture you need to look at the itty bitty pieces. However, do not let the name fool you taking this class is no small feat whatsoever. Although, for some students, it can feel this way. When I was in high school there was a student who was particularly gifted with math. This is not something that our private calculus tutors are unfamiliar with, but back to the story. It seemed as if my school was not sure of how to handle this class because she excelled in every single math class she stepped in. During our freshman year, she would correct the teacher so much that she would get sent into the office for being insubordinate even though she was correct.

Eventually, she was moved up to an advanced level math course which she also zoomed right through. By the time we were seniors, I was stressing about having to take calculus class and she had taken all of the math classes we had to offer. She then had to commute to the local university where she took advanced college-level math classes. If you are a student who excels in math and is not currently being challenged in your calculus class then you are rare. Most times, schools do not even have a plan of action to deal with students such as these because they only come around once in a while. But here you are, in a calculus class and not being tested. Your school does not know what to do with you so you decided to take matters into your own hands.

Math tutors from Premier Tutoring will help give you the kick in the rear that you are looking for so that you can start to be challenged. They can go in depth within the calculus subject so that you are expanding your brain and receiving knowledge that will put you in a position to truly succeed in math and all other subjects. “Calculus tutoring near me” can be used by students who are doing exceptionally well in class, because you will start to work with a tutor who can explore topics that would never be touched on in a high school level class. The things you learn from your tutor will be applicable when you start taking classes during college.

You will find that you have the knowledge necessary to be one of the better students in your class which will open up the door on several internships and job opportunities. Now there is no excuse to not get what you deserve out of your time in school. All you need to do is reach out to Premier Tutoring and you can start working with a mathematician who is far more advanced than yourself. At some point, you are going to find that you are not the smartest kid on the block. One of our tutors can bring you back down to reality while also giving you the strength to pull yourself up to the top.


Who we hire?


The thing about finding individuals who can run effective private calculus tutoring sessions is that you need an instructor who is selfless. Someone who is fully dedicated to the betterment of the student, but also someone who is not going to enable the student’s destructive behaviors. This is a fine line that teachers have to walk and it is hard to do when a student is in the middle of a class with dozens of other students. Some students are scared to let instructors in because they are afraid of letting someone actually help them. This can be for several reasons and it usually comes from poor teachers taking advantage of the student at some point.

Nothing like this will happen when your student starts working with one of our math tutors. We are different in the way that we approach our tutoring services. We have heard shady stories about individuals who have gotten tutoring and work with a tutor who is completely incapable. Just recently we had a student who was in a calculus three class and truly struggling. They really had never needed help in school, but in this class, they were in over their head. Reaching out to a tutoring service had never crossed their mind so they did not know where to look. Using a public space like Craigslist was their first mistake. They found a tutor and set up a lesson at the tutor's house.

Come to find out, the tutor was a high school student who was taking a high school level calculus course. The client was furious and wanted a refund but there was no way of receiving one. Now they had a tarnished idea of what tutoring was until the started to search for “calculus tutors near me” and ran into our services. The first mistake that they made was trying to “find” a tutor because that is not what it takes to actually get a tutor. You need to work with a service who already has the tutors and all they have to do is match you with what you are looking for in a scholar. That is exactly what we do at Premier Tutoring.

We were able to get the student matched with a tutor who had taught calculus three at one of the top universities in the country. The student learned from their own personal calculus teacher who was able to fix all the problems that were being had in the class. This is because the student was willing to work hard to get their needs met. They did not walk into the sessions thinking that the tutor was just going to do everything for them.

This is not the way to get anything done in life and the student knew this for a fact. So they had questions, syllabi, and other course materials for the tutor to look over before they even met. A lesson plan was formulated around what was going wrong in the class so that they could come up with solutions together. Premier Tutoring is all about forming partnerships between tutors and students. Because if either party is not willing to work the whole process is ruined.  


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