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“Rule number one: never lose money. Rule number two: never forget rule number one.” These words were spoken by none other than the business extraordinaire himself, Warren Buffet. His name is almost synonymous with the term business and successful business at that because he seems to turn everything he touches into gold. Buffet got his start in business at a child when he read a book about several ways to make a thousand dollars. He always seemed to have a job but his first business idea came when he was a sophomore in high school. With the help of a friend he purchases a twenty-five dollar pinball machine and put it inside of a nearby barbershop.

It only took a few months for them to turn a profit and reinvest in the business. They then took the money from the first pinball machine and purchased a few more. Then they put those pinball machines were put in other barbershops around town. Within the year, Buffet and his friend sold the business to a war veteran for over one thousand dollars. You do not need “business tutors near me” to know that turning twenty-five dollars into one thousand dollars is a major profit. This was just the beginning for Buffett as he now own sixty profitable businesses and is one of the wealthiest men alive. He used his acumen for business to create a life for himself and his family. If Warren Buffett is someone that you look up to then you are probably interested in working in business or at least studying it in college.

Maybe you even want to start your own company and become an entrepreneur such as Buffett. You cannot be foolish and try to do everything on your own. Even Buffett knew the value of having a business partner from the very first endeavor that he embarked on. Your tutor can act as someone that you can bounce ideas off of but also someone who can make sure that you stay on track in school. You do not necessarily have to go to college or even finish high school for that matter. All you need is a good head on your shoulders and an even better idea. From there you can build up any business, but you might be skeptical because of your lack of education. That’s ok, no need to get down on yourself.

You can work with one of our private business tutors or business coaches and get a university type of academic experience. But instead of being in a large lecture style of classroom you will be allowed to work in a one-on-one setting. Going to ver information that is not important for the growth of your business will not happen. Your tutor will focus entirely on you and your business, they will almost act as a consultant. Making sure you get the knowledge that you need to grow.

But also, if you are just looking to get a brief breakdown on business, then your tutor can also provide that in your sessions. We know that you do not want to give up, so what you need to get up and start to act right. Stop getting fed up and flustered, you are the leader of this company no matter how big or small. Your employees will react to the energy that you bring each and every day. Your tutor will do the exact same thing, so come to your sessions with the mentality that you are going to be learning.


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Being an entrepreneur is a scary experience, the only thing more frightening might be Warren Buffet’s diet. But that does not mean it has to be a lonely one as well. It will be a shame if your company goes under because you were not willing to reach out and get help. The first step should be you educating yourself about the business you are running. Let’s say you are trying to start a tech company for an app you thought about while in college. Now, you have zero experience developing apps but you have a very clear image in your head of what you want this app to look like, what it will do and how it will operate.

However, you are having issues conveying this information to computer programming minded people. You must confess, it will be very satisfying if you can find a computer science and business minded individual who will help you better communicate with your team. We do not mean to blow your mind, but we have those stylish private business tutoring services at Premier Tutoring. It’s the little things that our tutors do that will really show you how much they care. They spend the time with you that no one else would even come close to accomplishing. If you are actually enrolled in business school then you know how limited your time is with your professor.

You get the class time, in which the professor justs lectures to a class filled with students. Maybe occasionally you can ask questions and it will briefly get answered. Then when you go to their office hours it is usually crammed with several other students or they are unable to give you the attention that you require. You need more from a professional and we can get you that help. We have students who are literally all over the spectrum when it comes to what they are trying to learn.

This is precisely why we have so many different types of students because problems come in all different styles. If you need help in microeconomics we know the right microeconomics tutor who can help you. Don’t get us wrong, we know that you can get this work done on your own. But we can alleviate some of that stress and pressure. If you are skeptical about “business tutoring near me” let us change your mind at Premier Tutoring. We do not want to waste your time, we just want to expand your mind. Hit us up, talk to our wonderful reps and let us start our unique matching process!


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