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As someone that is not in great shape, bodybuilding is completely foreign to me. I had a roommate that was a personal trainer and in insane shape and whenever I would see him without a shirt, which was often because he liked to show off, I would ask myself what was he trying to prove? In reality, that was just the result of my insecurities because he was packing at least an eight pack and I was sporting a full keg. To be fair, he ate a lot of oats and protein powder, so I am not sure if he was fully human or had some horse DNA in him.

Getting to that level of shape requires discipline, which is certainly something that I do not have. Bodybuilding goes deeper than just personal training, as it is an entire way of life. Instead of trying to find the discipline on your own, it is much easier to stay on track with someone to keep you accountable, like private bodybuilding tutors. This way, you can work with someone who is an expert, so you do not make any mistakes along the way. Even though you are looking good, it can actually be very unhealthy on the heart if you do not properly train, which is why you need a pro.

Admittedly, I do not know much about bodybuilding. It seems weird to me that people tan their skin to an almost chocolate tone and oil it all up, but if that is what makes your muscles look the best, that is what you have to do. My guess is that if I tried to become a bodybuilder on my own, I would come out looking like Snooki from Jersey Shore, but taller. That is also stemming from the fact that I do not eat right.

Hand in hand with the lifting aspects of building muscle are the nutritional aspects. Oats and protein powder are part of putting the right fuel in your body to burn away excess fat and leave only muscle remaining. Working with a nutrition tutor in conjunction with your search for bodybuilding tutoring near me can make the difference between 3rd place and 1st in the competition.

One mistake that many bodybuilders make is that they do not recognize the importance of good nutrition and the mistakes that they make have effects that are much more severe than bad grades. On one hand, bodybuilding can help build muscle and bone strength, which are good for you, but the extreme stress exerted puts you at risk of tearing the most important muscle, the heart. Without moderation, you can die from too much lifting. On the other hand, the pursuit of a bigger, leaner body is also dangerous when you try to cut corners to reach it. Some bodybuilders focus too much on protein and restricting caloric intake in their diet, which often leaves out important vitamins and nutrients. The wrong diet can lead to major health issues in the future.

When undergoing such an undertaking as Captain America-ing your body, you want to make sure that there is someone there to keep you healthy. Even Cap had Stanley Tucci’s weird former-Nazi scientist buddy to help him get buff. You can even have your own Germanic-sounding bodybuilding mentor by watching Pumping Iron with your trainer, which is Arnold Schwarzenegger's first movie. My trainer always talked about a specific scene where Arnold compares pumping to another of his favorite activities. It sounded very funny.


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Where muscles and tan skin might make a person look like a great choice to ask for advice on the outside, they might not be the right person to tutor you in the art of bodybuilding. Ultimately, the person that needs to look like The Mountain from Game of Thrones, in the end, is you, so the private bodybuilding tutoring can come from anyone with a background in training and nutrition. The combination of both practices is key to helping a bodybuilder succeed.

The other great quality is personality. A great tutor is someone that keeps the student motivated. In some cases, people respond to strict feedback, pushing them beyond their limits to succeed. In other cases, people respond to encouragement, staying happy and loose. It is the reason that there are so many different types of training that exists. The boot camp model works for some, but others want heart and soul. To find someone that matches your personality, search for bodybuilding tutors near me.

I had a friend get into training and he invited me to do a free session, so he could practice his craft. I expected to walk in and just lift some weights, but there was a surprising amount of homework that I had to do in advance. I had to sign up to an app, I took a personality test, and I took a test on my language of love. I was very confused about the last one. My assumption was that I was going to the gym to lose weight, not to fall in love. But the real reason that they wanted that information was to get a better understanding of what I respond to. My language of love ended up being physical touch, which was a little strange in this context. My buddy told me that he was not going to cuddle me and offer lots of kisses (he’s very handsome and caring, so I am sure it would have been very comforting, but he is not exactly my type), instead substituting in things that make sense for the context. That meant “bro dabs and high fives” in this case.

Finding a trainer that cares about your personality is almost essential. So many people get gym memberships in January, thinking that they can maintain a routine as a resolution, but they all fall off by March. Working out is hard. It has work in the name. Just the same way that people choose different career paths to enjoy their work, a trainer should help you find a workout plan that makes you enjoy working out. We want someone who knows people as much as heavy weights.


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