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Something that has been growing in popularity in the last year or so has been the free or low cost ancestry websites that allow you to learn about your genetic makeup in exchange for a sample of your DNA. This is beneficial to you because you can learn things about your history and maybe some about your medical predispositions, but it is also good for the researchers because the data is also shared with geneticists that are trying to find ways to cure diseases and potential control genetics. Meanwhile, the same data is also being used in other ways, like solving the long cold Golden State Killer case in California thanks to a familial DNA match. The key to all of this is data, which is actually fairly consistent with DNA in the grand scheme of things. DNA is basically the data that tells you who you are. We are not quite at the point where we can read it, but we are getting closer and that is why we need people working in biostatistics. With private biostatistics tutors, you could be a part of changing the way that we look at genetics in the future.

I mention genetics so heavily because that is a field that has been heavily affected by biostatistics. I am a big fan of the NBA 2k series, which are the annual basketball video games that feature near-perfect simulation of the NBA. One of the features that everyone loves about the game is something called MyCareer, which allows you to create your own player and follow them from the end of college, through the draft, and into the NBA for a long career. The system allows you to create your own DNA profile, which is comprised of a few different attributes, including offensive ability, defensive ability, overall athleticism, and IQ. The combination affects your maximum skill levels and you must balance what you want, meaning you can’t have it all. In terms of genetics, we have found through data that your DNA strand is just like what they use in the MyCareer simulation. I should say, they are definitely inspired by reality. With DNA, there are hundreds of thousands of genetic codes that correspond to everything about you, from height to metabolism and weight to everything in between. In terms of biostatistics, with lots of data points, you can start to figure out patterns and make inferences about which DNA points correspond to which attributes. Instead of one thing for height, the reality is that there are lots of height markers. When you know that you have 500 people who are 6 foot 7 inches, you can tell a computer to compare the data and find where there are similarities. That will help narrow down exactly which parts are responsible for height. That and a genetics tutor.

Outside of genetics, the use of biostatistics has helped with lots of different studies. As gross as the idea is, Sewall G. Wright defined the inbreeding coefficient with biostatistics. This is the number that helps to tell you how close a relationship is in terms of ancestry. Unfortunately, it was fairly common even 100 years ago for first cousins to marry, so many of us have inbreeding in the family. Knowing the exact closeness and how to stop the pattern is fairly important because there are biological advantages to diversity and biological consequences to inbreeding. Learning about how to convert the data of life into statistics that we study takes a specialized tutor, but that is why you can start looking for biostatistics tutors near me and solve that issue right away.


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Starting off, we need to talk about the different skills that you need to pick up to become great at biostatistics because it is not as simple as the normal statistics that you do. I was someone that took managerial statistics in college and I will say that from my observation, this is the most basic form of statistics that you can learn. This is going to cover most of the basic jargon of statistics, which includes regressions, modeling, correlations, probability, and more, but you are not going to ever use many applications other than simple Excel spreadsheets. Excel is great for data and this is great, but you are not going into some of the more heavy duty, specialized data manipulation programs that are used in statistics by math, engineering, and even biostatistics students. These students are going to have to use programs like SAS to manipulate data and interpret it, which requires a whole extra skillset that is a big pain to learn. That is why you seek out private biostatistics tutoring, but you already know why you are here, you are looking to make sure that the tutors are good enough to teach you.

First, we start with the promise that all of our teachers have at least 5 years of experience as a tutor in science and likely also in statistics in some form. We want to make sure that they are not just up to date on the latest software, but also on the teaching techniques of the area. The worst thing is when a tutor realizes that they know the way to do something, but that is not the way that the teacher is teaching it anymore. Instead of getting into a contest with the teacher, the tutor needs to realize that their place in the relationship is as a complementary support piece to teachers and they need to work in concert with the teacher. The only real reason that you need to go to a tutor is because the teacher just does not have the time to focus on your student, which is why the tutor should only be seen as a positive for everyone and never a knock on the teaching.

When you look for biostatistics tutoring near me, you are going to find only the best options from Premier Tutoring, all of whom have the right experience to teach your students.


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