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When a lot of people think of learning to play the guitar, their first thought is not to go to the bass. The instrument that fades to the back of the band is also the one that fades to the back of the mind when you are considering playing an instrument. So why would you choose to play the bass? Are bass players just guitar players who could not cut it? That is a joke because it is not even close to the case. If you were to look at one of the great bass players, such as Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, you would realize that playing the bass is part of the core of the band. Without the bass, you would not be able to hold down the groove. A talented bass player can fade into the background or jump into the spotlight and make themselves known with the bass. If you want to learn to be a talented player of the bass, private bass guitar tutors are the best way to improve your skills.

So is the bass easier or harder to learn than the guitar? I would compare it to skiing vs. snowboarding. They say that skiing is easy to learn and hard to master, but snowboarding is hard to learn and easy to master. That might be true of bass and guitar. The guitar is simple to learn and hard to master in the complex areas, but the bass is much harder for beginners and easier to master because there are less strings and chords. The roles of the players in the bands are also drastically different when it comes to the bass vs. the guitar. With a guitar, you are likely to play the rhythm parts and riffs, as well as solos. You do not often hear a bass solo in a song. However, any good live band gives a chance for each member of the band to shine during a show, so you will probably still get your chance to shine as the bass player. The guitar plays a lot more chords than a bass. But the bass player is going to lay down the backing groove that, along with the beat of the drummer, keeps the song going. It is part of the heart, sharing halves of the beat with the drum. In rock, the bass also supports the guitar riff with a complementary sound.

In simple physical terms, the bass is larger and heavier than regular old guitars. The strings are also thicker, typically. There are also fewer strings than the guitar. There are only four strings on the standard bass, but six on a guitar. That said, a double neck bass ups you to eight, so take that guitar! With two instruments that are so similarly designed, will the skills you learn with your guitar tutor transfer over to your bass and the skills learned with a bass tutor transfer back to the guitar? The answer, simple and complex, is yes. They are the exact same thing, just tuned differently and with different strings. The same concepts apply. You just probably play different notes. Bass requires a different strum technique than guitar often and you have to learn to continually walk with your fingers, where you might pick more often with a guitar.

When learning the bass guitar, you are going to learn how to keep the band grooving. You are a big part of the band and while you will not get as many groupies as the lead, you will still get your fair share. If you are interested in learning to play the bass, search bass guitar tutors near me and get signed up with Premier Tutoring.


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Someone who plays the bass knows how to be a role player. This is something that not everyone possesses the ability to do. In baseball, there are a lot of players that complain that they can only perform well when they get consistent playing time. The team says that they will get consistent playing time when they perform well. That paradox either pushes them to the bench or out of the league. A player must show that they can succeed off of the bench to prove that they are worthy of more playing time. And when you are on the bench, you have to realize that your role is to be ready at any moment’s notice. Just because you are not the star and getting star playing time does not mean you can slack off. That is much the same as the concept of playing the bass because you might not get the glory of the guitar, but you can never let your groove slip because you are responsible for carrying your weight in the performance. Much the same, private bass guitar tutoring should about the tutors knowing their role in the process of teaching. It is a role player for a role player.

One of the skills that a bass teacher can teach you is to walk. You might already know how to walk with your feet, but walking on the bass requires you to keep two fingers going over and over to keep the groove going and not have choppy notes. A smooth bass riff has the middle finger and pointer finger working in succession to keep things moving and grooving. Transition notes connect the dots as you make changes to different root notes. These skills take practice and a good bass tutor can teach you the right practice techniques to get it all down. They might do it through a song you like or a game that they have used before.

Learning to play the bass can be a lot of fun when you find the right bass guitar tutoring near me. We find people that make you excited about your role in the band. You will want to go out and find bands to play in so you can show off all of the skill that you build with your tutor.


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