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Basketball Tutoring

Michael Jordan, who is arguably the greatest basketball player of all time was known for his competitive edge. He loved to play the game and he put his all into it. Some say all he did while he was in the league was play basketball and golf. Other than that, he was training trying to become a better player on the court. The basketball season is won before the first game of the year even starts. This happens when players are in the weight room and training in the gym while no one else is watching.

It’s fun when the lights and cameras are out. Thousands of fans are screaming at the top of their lungs and even more are at home glued to their television. Players live for moments when the game is on the line, the ball is in their hand and they hit the game-winning shot. But the reason why the shot goes down and the crowd gets to go wild is because the player worked their butt of during the offseason. This is what it takes to be a great basketball player, spending countless hours in the gym and in the training room sculpting your body while staying in shape.

Kevin Durant is one of the premier players in the league and arguably one of the greatest to ever play the game. During his combine, some NBA front office types laughed at him because he was unable to lift one hundred and eighty-five pounds. When you think about it, a professional athlete should be able to lift this much. But Durant had a wingspan of seven feet five inches and he was basically skin and bones. His awkward frame was perfect for putting the ball in the bucket but not so much for lifting weights. Nevertheless, Durant got drafted by the Seattle Supersonics in the first round. He worked hard in the weight room, focused on what he was putting in his body and started to add a bit more muscle. On top of this, he was still in the gym every day turning himself into a killer on the court.

Nineteen-year-old Kevin Durant ended up averaging twenty points, four rebounds, and two assists. He was also crowned the rookie of the year and has had the last laugh amongst the league. Durant credits a lot of his ability to those who have helped him grow both on and off the court along with his work ethic. If you hope to one day take your skills to the next level then you need to work with one of our private basketball tutors. There is not a player in the NBA who does their workouts alone, they all have trainers who are there to help guide them.

Your tutor will be able to help you with your jump shot, ball handling, passing, stamina, fitness and everything else that you did not even think about. Having someone who can point out what is wrong with your game and then give you tangible techniques that can fix these mistakes is invaluable. Everyone can sit on the couch and say what you are wrong. But only a select few can actually provide the criticism and then a plan to fix the issue. That is what you get out of our private basketball tutoring sessions. And in the offseason, try our baseball tutors too.


Who we hire?


When it comes to working with a basketball trainer you typically know what you need. In most situations, you go out of your way to find the tutor and work with them so that you are able to get exactly what you need from the training. With Premier Tutoring we have changed the game like Steph Curry, we do not want you to worry about finding the tutor. You let us know exactly what you want and we get you a tutor who will fit you like a glove. This way you can focus on getting buckets while we match you with a professional.

Let’s say you want to work on your jump shot, you are going to need a shooting coach. We are not going to match you with a tutor who specializes in ball handling. Your tutor will be someone who has a fantastic jump shot and has helped students alter the way in which they shoot for the better. Steph Curry is the greatest shooter in NBA history and has worked hard to get there. However, when he was a sophomore in high school he was weak and shot from his chest. His father, Dell Curry, who had an extensive career in the NBA himself, knew that this shot would not translate well as Steph aged. So Dell made Steph change his shot and it was awful for a whole year.

Steph went from being one of the best shooters on his team to one of the worst. It was embarrassing and Steph claims to have cried himself to sleep plenty of nights. But Steph ultimately continued to work and ended up getting a scholarship to play in college. The rest is history. It will be a grueling process, but if you stay committed when you find “basketball tutoring near me” things will start to turn around for you. Shooting and dribbling are not the only things that matter in basketball. You also have to focus on your nutrition and fitness. We have fitness tutors who will keep you honest and make sure you remained focused.

When I played basketball in high school, the first week of practice we never even touched a basketball. All we did was run. Then when the ball was finally implemented we still ended every practice with running. Stamina was important and our coach made sure we knew it. These are the types of things that you need to be doing alone before practice even starts so that you stand out during tryouts.

If you cannot run up and down the court for an entire game then it does not matter if you have a pretty jump shot. And dunking in the first quarter is a lot easier than trying to dunk in the fourth quarter. You have to be able to maximize your ability by conserving your energy. The final fifteen minutes of a basketball game is often more valuable than the rest of the game combined. This is where games are won and lost. When your legs start to get tired and you’re gasping for air, that is when the real champions rise to the occasion. Make sure your game is tight by getting your “basketball tutors near me” with Premier Tutoring.


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