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Baseball Tutoring

There are a lot of sports that you can get better at on your own, but baseball is one that usually requires a partner. The trope is the classic father-son game of catch that seems to be a vital life experience in becoming an adult if TV and movies are to be believed. It is true that you need someone with you to practice. You could potentially take a bucket of balls and throw them at a target, but it just does not compare to having someone actually have to catch the ball and return it to you to help with your own catching. You can simulate someone throwing to you by going to a batting cage, but that is fairly expensive and you are better off with someone that can throw the ball to you, maybe even targeting certain locations to help you improve your swing.

Some people have available resources like dad-coaches that teach them, but there are also a lot of people that are not able to get that help and that is where private baseball tutors can be a huge help. It is more than just keeping you from being the sad guy throwing baseballs at an empty backstop. Having someone there to bounce off of is a great way to build on your teamwork skills too. When you play catch, it is a two-way street that requires a lot of camaraderie. One person missing on throws means the person catching is running all over the place chasing the ball, so you often work with each other on form to make sure that you are both on target and having fun.

When it comes to actually getting in the field, there are a lot of strategies that people do not immediately pick up from just watching the game. I was an outfielder, partly because I was not great at accuracy on short throws, but also because I had a pretty strong throwing arm. I would watch guys like Ichiro Suzuki, Vladimir Guerrero, or my childhood favorite Nick Markakis throwing strikes from the outfield to nab aggressive runners and I wanted to be the hero myself. I probably should have known my own limitations and kept myself in check, but I would often try to throw all the way to a base whenever a ball was hit to me. With some guidance, I started hitting the cutoff man more, trusting my teammates to do their job just as they were trusting me to do mine.

A lot of kids are inspired by athletes, which can be a gift and a curse. When you watch your favorite stars on TV, you invest in the storyline, which often rewards star individuals. It is never the teammates that put up the first nine runs in a 9-9 game that get the glory, but instead the one guy that drives in run number ten and wins the game. In that way, it is easy to put the cart before the horse and try to skip ahead to the glory moments. The reality is that baseball is a grind and you need to put in consistent effort if you want to succeed. You might think that you can be an out of shape hero that hits dingers, but those players are few and far between. You have a much better chance if you get a fitness tutor to get you in the best shape possible.

For those looking to improve in America’s pastime, search for baseball tutors near me and set your sights on Premier Tutoring.


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One of the things that I could not stand about baseball practice was when I was at the end of the line in batting practice. By that time, my coach would run out of gas a bit and lose control of the strike zone. When you are a kid, practicing your plate discipline can be helpful, but it is far less important than getting good swings on balls that you can hit. The worst possible outcome in batting practice is having to take multiple pitches in a row because it tires the coach out even more and does nothing to help the free swinger at the plate. By the time games rolled around, I was great at taking pitches and drawing walks, but my contact would usually end in soft groundouts.

Working with private baseball tutoring, you are not waiting through all of the better hitters to get your chance to swing. You can focus on yourself from the beginning and maybe reach the point where you move up in the batting order in practice and get to see a fully rested coach in real practice. The good thing about the private part of tutoring is that they are all yours. Hopefully, the tutors that we find are people with enough accuracy that they can consistently put the ball in the strike zone, even if it is not zipped in at the speed of a normal fastball.

One of the cool things about baseball is that there is an almost limitless variety of batting stances. There are obviously rules about being in the batter’s box, but not all swings are equal, which is reflected in the stance that batters take. Depending on how well you see the ball and whether you pull or push the ball, you might choose to open up or close your stance, which means that you change the angle at which you face the pitcher. Instead of lining your hips up parallel with the trajectory of the ball, you might point your front foot toward left field to make it easier to hit the ball that way. Your stance is developed through what is comfortable for you, which is why they vary so much. One of my favorites was Tony Batista, who was well known for his exaggerated open stance that was wider than anyone I have seen. Some coaches try to “fix” these types of batting stances to make them look like the others, but great tutors are able to help you improve within the structure that you have already found success with.

Tim Lincecum was a pitcher with a windup that nobody thought would work. He was undersized, but wiry, which allowed him to stretch further in his delivery and generate more torque on the ball. This gave him one of the most dangerous fastballs in the game. Coaches tried to change him, but he worked exclusively with his dad to refine the windup that they created together to fit his frame. The proof is in the output, as Lincecum won three World Series, two Cy Young awards, led the league in strikeouts three times, and pitched two no-hitters. In the history of baseball, there have been 299 no-hitters and Lincecum is in sole possession of two of them. Only 36 pitchers have thrown more than one and Lincecum is in that class because he worked with the right help.

If you are a parent searching for baseball tutoring near me, you are probably concerned about safety, which is why we want tutors that are focused on maintaining the health of the players. Great tutors know that pitch count is an issue for young pitchers, so we want people that are cognizant and will send your players home without them needing to ice their shoulders for days.


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