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Before a lawyer is allowed admission into a certain jurisdiction’s bar they have to pass the bar exam. You can go to law school, spend all that money and time, but still not be able to practice law if you do not pass the exam. In some states, you can take the bar exam without having a law degree but that makes it even more of a challenge to pass. Studying law is a comprehensive style of learning that takes the brightest minds on the planet to get through and actually start making a difference. Some individuals are smart enough to pass the bar and get through law school but they ultimately fail as lawyers because they are in the game for the wrong reason.

The exact same thing can be said about the tutoring industry which is why we only work with tutors who are passionate about teaching. You will not learn in private bar exam tutoring if you are working with an instructor who does not actually care. Just sitting in the back of a classroom with a tutor who is not committed to helping you will not help you in any way, shape or form. You must work with someone who can provide you with the necessary feedback and lessons that will help you maximize your chances of passing this exam. It would be a real tragedy if you spend your money and time on tutoring sessions only to walk away with absolutely zero knowledge.

This happens all of the time and is ultimately a complete waste of resources. But in all honesty, you are only going to get out of your sessions what you put into them, no matter how good the teacher. Things do, however, get a lot easier when you are able to work in a one-on-one environment with someone who actually knows how to teach and what it takes to get through the bar exam. Ultimately, these lessons are just meant to be auxiliary and provide you with the necessary confidence so that you can knock this exam out. You need to be on the search for one of our “bar exam tutors near me” no matter if you have a law degree or you are trying to get it done by reading the law.

Being able to receive a lesson plan that is based on your struggles is what really makes Premier Tutoring the ultimate learning service. In most situations, tutors will give you one printed off cookie cutter sheet of paper that has been used with all of their other students. Sometimes it works and other times it fails, but regardless the tutor keeps it the same. They might tweak it here or there but ultimately it remains the same. That is not what our tutors will do with you, the lesson plan that they create will be entirely focused on you as a student. Same as with our LSAT tutors.

By making sure they know who you are and what your struggles are they will be able to create a plan of action for you to execute the bar exam. There is no competing for the time of the tutor because they will be giving the entirety of their time to you and not any other students during your allotted time. This is the type of help that you will need if you want to do the best you can on the bar exam.


Who we hire?


You might feel like you are in danger right now because you have taken the bar a couple of times and you are close to reaching your limit. But there is no need to panic at all or give up, quite the contrary actually. At Premier Tutoring we have developed a platform that is interactive and filled with professional tutors who are ready to work with you. You do not have to find “bar exam tutoring near me” because we already have the tutors. We will just match you up with a tutor based on the preferences that you have.

Based on what you are looking for, from a personality perspective or if you want a certain teaching style, we will get you matched accordingly. All of our tutors are experts and most of them have even worked as lawyers. They have passed the bar exam and know what to expect on this test. Due to their experience as both a lawyer and a tutor, they have a unique outlook on this exam. They will be able to look at things in a way that you are honestly blind to, but when they are revealed you find that it will make your studies easier. This is what real tutoring is all about, we believe.

We hate to see students who talk about how bored they are with their tutoring sessions. As mentioned, these are auxiliary lessons which are supposed to boost the knowledge that you already have. This is meant to be an exciting experience because you will be working with this information for the remainder of your career. You want to have fun while you are learning because if you do not things are going to be harder to retain. Our tutors want you to enjoy yourself because that will set the tone for the way that you approach your career.

As a lawyer, you have a ton of responsibility and honestly, at some levels, people’s lives are in your hands. So you do not want to show up to court with a mediocre attitude, you need to bring the best that you have every single day. That starts with the way that you prepare for this exam. You are establishing the type of professional that you will become by the way that you approach the bar. Instill the very best habits with one of our private bar exam tutors.

We are ready to match you with an individual who is going to help you become a top of the line lawyer. Having a tutor who is as responsible and adept as one of ours will feel like you are learning from a mentor. This is not something that you should ignore or glance over. You must take the time to work with these instructors so that you can start taking control of your own future. There is no better time to start doing this than right now. Reach out to our team of reps and raise the bar.


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