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Ballet Tutoring

I think that there is a misconception when it comes to ballet. Maybe it is just me, but I always saw ballet as something rather dainty, albeit beautiful and clearly an immense amount of work. To me, it was the classical music of dance, an obsolete form that might provide some foundation for movement, but is not current and relevant. It was through movies and TV that my mind was opened because you can see just how intense and dark the world can be through the lens of things like Black Swan or Flesh and Bone. I remember feeling a bit sick seeing in Flesh and Bone when the ballerinas took their shoes off and had blood messes of feet with toenails coming off. It is horrifying what pain they go through in pursuit of perfection, but you can respect the game. Working with private ballet tutors is not going to be easy or comfortable, but those who want it can improve on the craft and tell beautiful stories through movement in ballet. I have gone to barre classes myself and while it is not the level that ballet gets to, it humbled my out of shape behind and showed me just what it takes to do ballet. For me, I would rather watch Netflix, but some people are more committed than me and want to do it.

The thing to know is that ballet is not something that you can just do as a hobby. You are going to dig deep in and you are going to have to maintain practice or lose everything that you work for. There are times where you will want to watch Netflix like me and forgo the hard work, but you can’t get good unless you are able to mute those feelings and push through regardless. Some people are not cut out for it (me), but you do not have to give up. You can show yourself a lot when you overcome. Ballet might sound like a nightmare, but the accomplishment of perfect execution gives a rush that you will want to chase.

Getting to be the best in something that requires movement requires you to watch yourself back and critique your ability. This is something consistent in any sport and it follows to ballet. That is why you practice in front of a mirror. Trusting that your body is in the right shape is something that you can only know when you are so practiced that you can feel imperfections. When you play a sport like baseball, going over footage is something that you might do with your baseball tutor. This can go for both pitchers and batters. Pitching is a lot about motion and generating leverage and torque to move the ball faster. The most common injuries to pitchers are in the elbow because of the repetitive stress, but watching back can help identify areas where you are doing too much and might need to scale back on the stress. Athletes often visualize the proper position while they are active because it helps do the right things and making sure that your mental image matches what is showing up on video can make a huge difference.

Putting in all of the work to be a great ballerina means that you are going to have to put up with pain, make a lot of sacrifices, and commit harder than you have to anything before, but ballet tutors near me are for you to have someone that keeps you consistent and accountable, while also coaching you on technique and encouraging you to continue even when you are ready to call it quits. There are so many people that have gotten better with private coaching and you can get there too.


Who we hire?


With all the talk about how dark, intense, and painful ballet is, you are probably starting to worry that the person that teaches you is going to be a scary Russian woman whose hair is pulled so tightly back into a bun that her eyebrows are drawn back and she stares directly into your soul with her demon eyes. Sounds like a lot, but that is not really who we hire. That is just what you might see in a cartoon or a sitcom. Your tutor is probably going to be someone much more encouraging and caring. That is not to say that they are going to let you do whatever you want because you are paying them to coach you, but they are not going to torture you to the point that you talk about them to your therapist when you are in your 30s and remembering the pain of private ballet tutoring.

Our tutors come from different ballet backgrounds, which means that you are going to get the benefits of their experience and their current technique. Some of them had the drill sergeant ballet teachers you fear, but they might adjust their own style accordingly to make up for what they went through. I went through an experience with bosses that came from toxic environments and they went out of their way to make sure that they did not pass the same forward. That is the case with many tutors who went through the hardships. Instead of passing the pain forward, they adjust teaching techniques to encourage more than they are torturing. There are going to still be some tough stretches that you have to fight through, but that is just a part of the game. We just make sure that you are not going through any extra pain.

Ballet tutoring near me was something that a lot of people got forced into, but we want to change that stigma a bit by providing a better experience. Your mom might tell you how much she hated going to ballet as a kid, but we are trying to make it cool again, even if that is going to be a bit of a tough task. While we try, give us a call and try us out.


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