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I possess degrees in engineering and finance and have tutoring experience with Kaplan in standardized tests (LSAT and GMAT) and special subject matter. I've also served as an admission counselor for a top business school.
... See more

  • education Baylor University
  • location Los Angeles
  • subject ASVAB + 36 more
  • Response time Very responsive
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I received my Bachelor Degree from the University of Washington in 1996 with a 3.8 GPA. My degree was in Women’s Health; which included Graduate level nursing classes. I graduated from Seattle Central Community College in 1991 with a 4.0 GP... See more

  • education University of Washington
  • location Los Angeles
  • subject ASVAB + 41 more
  • Response time in 8 hours
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Heather Jenkins
from North Las Vegas

I have been an elementary school teacher for the past 5 school years, but I worked mainly with high school students before that. I really love teaching math concepts through Algebra I. I would also be thrilled to help anyone with a psycholo... See more

  • education University of Nevada - Las Vegas
  • location Los Angeles
  • subject ASVAB + 71 more
  • Response time in 1 hours
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Charles Oji
from Huntsville

I have always had a passion for math, the sciences, and computer science and engineering. And I always excelled in them from high school to graduate school. I have received academic excellence awards and scored in the highest percentiles on... See more

  • education Massachusetts Institute of Techn...
  • location Los Angeles
  • subject ASVAB + 75 more
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Hi! I am a mathematician with twelve years experience as tutor, professor, and teacher. I have helped many successful students get the best possible grade in their class or score on their exam. I coach you step by step, according to yo... See more

  • education University of Central Florida
  • location Los Angeles
  • subject ASVAB + 59 more
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Asli Theobald
from Fort Walton Beach

SPARE YOURSELF THE STRESS OF DOING NOTHING UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE — start learning the math you need at a steady and enjoyable pace for best results. You don’t have to let yourself or your child fail and fall behind, you can count on me to b... See more

  • education Maharishi University of Manageme...
  • location Los Angeles
  • subject ASVAB + 38 more
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Matt Van Gessel
from Grand Rapids

My strategies will maximize your score. You probably need one or two things straightened out. I have the resources you need to ensure you are studying the right stuff in the correct manner. I will send the materials to you. I email my PDFs

  • education Michigan State University
  • location Los Angeles
  • subject ASVAB + 32 more
  • Response time in a day or more
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Mark Helfand
from Gaithersburg


My name is Mark. I am a teacher of Mathematics and Physics and a retired Earth S... See more

  • education Cornell University
  • location Los Angeles
  • subject ASVAB + 34 more
  • Response time in a day or more
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I am a PhD-level tutor from Knoxville, TN, specializing in helping students prepare for standardized tests. I have several years of experience teaching courses at the college level in both social psychology and research methods, as well as

  • education The University of Tennessee - Kn...
  • location Los Angeles
  • subject ASVAB + 27 more
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Paul A.
from Los Angeles

My name is Paul. I have previously worked as a Math & Physics Tutor (4+ years experience) with the NASA Scholars Program in Los Angeles, tutoring College and High School students(+test prep;SAT,GED,ASVAB,ACT,CSET,GMAT,MCAT,GRE).I have assis... See more

  • education California State Polytechnic Uni...
  • location Los Angeles
  • subject ASVAB + 91 more
  • Response time in a day or more

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