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If you are someone who has been around our site before for test prep, you might see that we have tutors for almost every type of standardized test that you could possibly think of. We can even help you if you are looking for a STAAR tutor. In this case, I want to talk a little about the test that you must take before enlisting in the military, which is the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery. There is a long history of taking tests in the military. The original IQ test and multiple choice testing originated from military testing, as we needed to make sure that soldiers passed a minimum standard and wanted to identify some of the exceptionally smart from the jump. These days, the ASVAB is the standard for enlisting and you want to make sure that you have prepared properly to take the test. You might be able to pass the bare minimum with flying colors, but there are additional qualifications that you can show via the multiple sections of the test. With private ASVAB tutors, you can make sure that you are in the best position to pass all the sections and get the placement of your choice.

Starting out, we should talk about the format of the test, which is important to understand in preparing for the test. For all intents and purposes, we are going to assume that you are talking about the computer based test, which has 9 sections that range from under ten minutes to complete to as much as 40 minutes. The tests cover a wide variety of subjects, but the main four that you need to focus on are Arithmetic Reasoning, Mathematics Knowledge, Word Knowledge, and Paragraph Comprehension. Like you might see on most other standardized tests, this is covering your math and verbal skills. The Word Knowledge and Paragraph Comprehension scores are combined to become your Verbal Expression score, which is then doubled in the final formula. The basic score you get is the Armed Forces Qualification Test score, which is Arithmetic Reasoning, Mathematics Knowledge, and double the total of your Verbal Expression score added together. This score is broken down into categories, going from I to V with some of the individual numbers broken into separate groups, like III A or III B. The basic thing to know is that you need a minimum score of a 50 to get in if you have just a GED or generally above 30 if you have a high school degree or higher. The Air Force and National Guard tend to require slightly higher scores. Category V means your score is less than 10, which is hard to do, but the only scores that are completely barred from the military. It is illegal for a Category V to enlist. For Category IV, there are restrictions, but you can still get in.

Those four sections make up the general score, but they do not make up the entirety of the picture, as there are an additional 5 sections to complete. These include sections like Automotive and Shop Information or Mechanical Comprehension. You might know nothing about these subjects and score incredibly low on them, but that is fine because they are not going to work against you. Instead, each job in each branch of the military gets a score compiled based on a group of sections and you might get placed accordingly. For example, Navy Special Operations, which are the SEALs, are able to join that unit through a score of 165 or higher on the General Science, Electronics Information, and Mechanical Comprehension or if they are 220 or higher on Verbal Expression, Mathematics Knowledge, Mechanical Comprehension, and formerly Coding Speed. To me, the reason that you might need ASVAB tutors near me is that you are skilled in some of the sections, but want to bone up on specific areas to make sure that you are going to have a high enough score for the position you are seeking.


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Deciding on joining the military is something that takes some courage and a lot of thought. You are committing yourself to something much bigger than you and even your community, which is a big undertaking. I remember when I got the call from the Marines asking if I would be interested in enlisting because my test scores were high enough to draw their interest, but I was more afraid of my mom’s wrath than fighting on the front lines. We do not typically seek out the military anymore because we are at peace and there are better ways to apply yourself domestically for many. That said, there are 1.4 million active duty officers and even more veterans. When veterans come back from overseas, they might seek purpose and a use for all of the skills and knowledge they received and private ASVAB tutoring is a great way to find use for all of that outside of the original time you needed it.

Some of the realities that we face as a tutoring company looking for a diverse group of people to join up is that we are limited by the same things that the army is limited by. Women are a large minority in the military, making up just under 15 percent of the overall total. For those families that are specifically requesting a female tutor, you might have to settle for a man just because of the demographic realities that we all face. With racial minorities, things get a little better, with 30 percent of the active duty force being minorities, but that is still fairly small relative to the white, male population. In terms of where they are all located, we notice the populous states like Texas and California are at the top, but Virginia is actually just behind California as the second most populous. It may have something to do with the proximity to DC and the private companies in the area. Searching for ASVAB tutors near me will still yield result though, even if you are not in one of the top states.


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