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When it comes to teaching a student with a learning disability or other developmental disorders, any teacher will obviously need to be overly sensitive to the special needs of that child. In the case of Asperger syndrome, students have unique needs that are not always easy to accommodate in large settings, which is why lots of parents supplement the classroom learning with private Asperger’s tutors to make sure that their kids are getting the proper attention and care. Unfortunately, we are working under limited information when it comes to the syndrome because we are still learning what the causes are, but there is enough information that we can intervene with social skills training, cognitive behavioral therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, parent training, and occasionally medication. Although some people think of it as a disease or something that needs immediate treatment, we can really look at this as a difference. Special needs are not saying that someone is worse off, just that their needs are not common and they may require special attention. That is nothing to be ashamed of and we encourage parents to seek out help whether their kids have special needs or the same ones as everyone else.

What we know about Asperger syndrome is incomplete information. For example, we estimate that it affects more than 37.2 million people globally, but the margin of error could be pretty high. We also have found that autism spectrum disorders typically affect males more than females, which brings a lot into question about the causes and effects. There are some still that think that Asperger’s is just a high functioning form of autism, which is why the true numbers of people affected are unknown. That said, we can still use the techniques for Asperger’s students on all students because most of the time, it is just providing special attention and care to making sure the students are understanding things properly. For example, one of the things that is encouraged for teachers and tutors of Asperger’s students is that you provide a clear and consistent routine in the class and make sure to give advanced notice of changes and disruptions to the schedule. Most people are able to easily adapt to change, but that does not mean that we would not like these same notifications to make things easier. Another example of something that tutors should think about is the attention of students. Eye contact is typically seen as the indicator that someone is paying attention, but this can be the opposite case for students with Asperger’s. Oftentimes, students with AS will have an easier time concentrating if they are not making eye contact and forcing them to look will break their concentration. As the teacher, this might mean that you need to check in more to make sure that the student is on track, but could also let students be more free.

The changes between learning in a regular environment and learning in one designed for AS students is that there is a lot more attention paid to the student, which is something that everyone needs in the end. Searching for Asperger’s tutors near me will help you find the right person to check in with your child and make sure that they are getting all of the same lessons. You can also help them develop learning plans and do other things with them that customize the experience. When you are working through school on your own, you often get on the track in front of you and do not question the methods, but spending this time working through learning strategies and being cognizant of changes is actually something that any student can benefit from.


Who we hire?


As mentioned, the teachers that are required for students with syndromes like Asperger’s are different from standard teachers because you want to make sure that the person you hire is sensitive to the unique needs of your student and with that comes some additional stringency in the hiring process. Private Asperger’s tutoring is not a job that you can get into as easily as you could with private math tutoring or private Spanish tutoring. Tutors often like the job because you do not have many barriers of entry. To become a teacher, you need to take tests and often get a teaching license before you are able to teach on your own. For tutors, you do not even need a college degree. In fact, I tutored students when I was still in high school. When it comes to tutoring students with Asperger’s syndrome, the requirements to get started are much more strict and intense. That is how it should be.

When a student with Asperger’s is working, it can go incredibly smoothly, but there are certain triggers that can set people off. For example, one of the techniques encouraged for teachers of AS students is to create a safe space to go when you become over-stimulated. Angry behaviors can seemingly come out of nowhere, but understanding how to identify those feelings and combat them with techniques to calm down is most of why the tutor is there. Learning on your own becomes incredibly difficult when you have AS, so having someone that can reign you in is a big boost. Another way that our tutors manage to help students where you might not expect are digging deep into the interests of the student. One of the things that is typical of children with AS is that they have obsessions and they can be rather intense. Learning to lock into those obsessions and find ways to incorporate them into lessons will help the student refocus on what is important instead of losing track.

The thing to know when searching for Asperger’s tutoring near me is that you are going to get someone that is trained for the job. This is not someone walking in off the street and telling you that they can tutor, but instead, someone who has trained extensively for this job and is willing to put in the time and care to do it right.


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