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In terms of how we view art and art theory, you might be surprised about the ways that art interacts with other subjects that you study. In terms of math, certain pieces present symmetry and other concepts that might feel rather mathematical. In English, you might see art as either a complementary piece or even look at the works you read as art in itself. When it comes to the world of art theory, it might shock you to learn that art actually has a very strong link to philosophy, even sometime falling under the philosophy umbrella in the form of aesthetics. In this form, you are looking not just at the art, but the people who appreciate it and what it means. Learning more about this subject might come in advanced college courses, but that can be easily supplemented by private art theory tutors.

First, when thinking about this field, we might look at the artists. There are a lot of factors that go into the creation of art and by looking at the specific details, you can start to make inferences about the people that made them. For one, context is everything. If you draw a blue duck in a kindergarten class, your work might be seen as the silly variations of an adolescent, but if you draw a blue duck in a photo-realism setting, you might be seen as either a lunatic or just a troll. Pablo Picasso might be someone whose differences come out most. Your normal image of a portrait would be something as close as possible to the real thing, but Picasso threw everything out the window by painting himself the way that he sees himself, which is in abstract shapes. Outside of context, you can start to make more inferences about mood and other ways that the artist might think. Before even deciding how you feel about art, you might look at how you think the artist is trying to make you feel.

After looking at the artist, we look at the people who enjoy the art, which is the far larger population. What are the uses for this art? Is this just something that is meant to look nice on a wall or is it something meant to evoke a reaction or make you feel a certain way. How are you meant to enjoy this art? Is it something meant for the stuffy setting of a museum? One of the most influential artists of the 21st century has been Banksy, who has played around with the canvas by which we view his art. Instead of painting on an easel or something like that, his art lives on the street. It is meant to be enjoyed by the public and often has a message buried inside about the state of life today. Finally, we might look in art history to how people criticize art. Why do we like certain art and why do we hate other art? Using “we” might not be the best here because it is subjective to the individual, but that also makes for interesting discussion. Why do I like some art and other people think that the same things are terrible? There are definitely some examples I can think of, including the Mona Lisa, which was described as overrated by Connor4Real in Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, among other things.

In terms of what you learn when you look for art theory tutors near me, that all depends on what interests you. Our tutors are trained in many different aspects of art and can work with you on the area that interests you the most. Whether that is the classical works, modern art, or even in other mediums than just the canvas, we have someone that can help you learn the aspects that are interesting to you.


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To be totally honest, art can be one of the most boring subjects because people like to throw a lot of their own baggage onto art. A lot of art criticism is just looking at something through your own lens, which is something you might talk more about with your private art theory tutoring. As discussed, art theory is just as much about the criticism as it is about the artists, which means we can really start critiquing the critiques. It is like the old tagline of Alan Moore’s seminal work Watchmen, “Who watches the Watchmen?” The idea that criticism is the end all be all when it comes to artistic value is insane.

One example that I loved of a tutor fitting his art theory knowledge to the interests of a student was focusing on movies. The student was a film buff and wanted to look at the ways that film criticism affected the box office in the modern day. He had cited an article about how many filmmakers and producers were not happy with Rotten Tomatoes, the film review aggregation site that boils all reviews into a percentage score, because it was having an influence on audiences and the critics were being given seemingly too much power. When I was a kid, my mom used to need to go to the newspaper to check reviews for a movie before she would agree to see it, but I was much more on the side of seeing the things that looked interesting to me and critiquing them on my own scale. This was something that the student and tutor considered as they discussed the theories about film criticism. They dug deep and made their own inferences, but it was the simple idea of letting him run free in the playground that he loved, movies, that made the experience so worthwhile to the student.

No matter the area of art that you want to explore, we have someone for you when you search for art theory tutoring near me. That is why we work with you first to find out about you. As much as you want to know who we hire, we want to know what interests you because we are confident that we have already hired someone to fit your needs and just need to make the match.


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