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Art History Tutoring


Art history is a pretty broad term when you think about it. Art is a broad term in itself. In this case, it is actually focused on specific art forms like paintings, sculptures, architecture, and decorations, as opposed to art like music and film. The study of the history is looking at the context within which the pieces were created. We want to know the individual stories of pieces, but it is also important to know what factors influenced the stories of that piece. This is what you can learn with private art history tutors.

The world of art is traditionally one that is categorized by movements. As in most forms of artistic expression, there is usually an innovator that discovers a new form, becomes successful, and has a series of copycats that follow after. For example, Impressionism is a form that began in 19th century France that emphasizes accurate depiction of light and inclusion of movement. Claude Monet is one of a few artists that started the movement, which was named after one of his paintings called Impression. In the following decades, other artists began to try their hand at the style and made their mark in their own unique ways. Edouard Manet was not just an artist with a similar name to Monet. He similarly took the Impressionism movement to new heights with his artistic contributions. Paul Cezanne, Henri Matisse, and Edgar Degas were other artists that took on this form and took it to new heights. You can learn even more about all of them with art theory tutors.

One of the other things to consider about art, history, and the contextual details involving both is that the form can also be influenced by society and what is going on in the world. As much as you might want to look at the motivations, imperatives, and inspirations for an artist, you can also learn a lot from the desires and prejudices of the patrons and critics. Sometimes in the past, art was commissioned, so the output is influenced by more than just what comes out of the artist’s head and their heart. In other cases, art is directly referencing something that is happening in the time. When Ellen Degeneres came out of the closet on her sitcom in the 90s, it was groundbreaking. It was something that had never happened on television before. It was also partially in response to anti-gay sentiments of the time. Yet, that same power does not hold the same way in the 2000s. The Lonely Island pointed this out satirically in their movie Popstar with a song about accepting gay people that is ridiculed because it comes after gay marriage was already legalized. The sentiment is the same and the impact might seem like it would be similar, but the context changes how it was received and the reasons for putting it out. Other artists through history have used their expression to openly speak out against things that they do not believe in. Political art is a form that is common, as it resonates with a large audience. Most of the pieces are reactions to the world.

The world of art history is going to keep changing, as art has never stopped changing throughout the history of humanity. We have evolved far beyond cave paintings to the point where we have Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality that are able to change the way that we interact with space. As we move on to the next art movement, we will need new art history tutors near me to keep up with the changes.


Who we hire?


The thing about art history is that it is really too broad of a term to cover any specific needs. By that, I mean that the chances that any one art history teacher is enough of an expert in enough topics that they could cover everything for every student are slim to none. There is no way that you could cover it all. That is because art has been around since the dawn of time. We look back to the work of cavemen, who drew their paintings on cave walls, all the way until now. There are a lot of specifics that can completely change the type of work that you are studying. For one, location is massively important when considering art. Asian art and European art have very different styles that completely change the context with which you are going to look at something. Not only that, but the era is also extremely important. Just within European art, you might be looking at the Italian art of the 1400s, the French art of the 1800s, the Spanish art that came about post-Renaissance, and way more. There is no limit to the number of specific frames where you can look at art.

This can actually be a great benefit for someone entering the industry. One of the ways to differentiate yourself in any field is to have a specific area where you are the foremost expert. In other industries, there are limits to the things that are valuable, so there are limits to who can be an expert and what that actually means. But in the world of art history, there are enough specific times that you can always find your space where you are the unique thinker. There is always some form of art, in some location and at some time period, that has yet to be studied, documented, and popularized. That is where the new students come in. But it is also the same place where great private art history tutoring can enter the picture.

The same way that there are so many specific areas in art that any art historian can find their specific niche, so too can the art tutors who are looking for work. The only real issue comes in matching the student’s exact interests with the perfect tutor who is an expert on those topics. That is why people come to us. Our matching system is making life way easier for art history tutoring near me to actually find me. We are always looking for new tutors, so we can continue making great matches.


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