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There are a lot of creative professions where you look at the creatively fulfilling aspects of the job, the parts where your unique vision will be used the most, and you think that because you have a unique perspective, that will carry you throughout your career. If being unique was what made you successful, maybe Children of Men would have made more money. Sometimes, there are certain games that you have to play, certain factors that are out of your control, and other things that you might discount that are actually more important in the field than your creative uniqueness. In architecture, it is certainly cool to be the expert in your own kind of style, but the real success comes when you combine smarts with hard work and social skills. It can be the person that understands human interaction best that wins over a client instead of the person that has the newest design. That is the focus with private architecture tutors. You are not going to get just the design experience. The hope is that your tutor can teach you how to use those skills to also be successful on the business side of being an architect, not just the art side.

That said, smarts are still at the center of it all. More than other artistic fields, architects need a strong background in math, especially geometry, as they will need to understand angles. In addition, they will need a strong background in physics because they need to know how forces applied to angles work. Structural stability is always at the heart of things because not many other artistic fields have the potential for a disaster like architecture. Sure, a film writer could write a scene that is so physically demanding that it could lead to death, which has happened before, but it is not present in every work. Anything an architect does must also satisfy the requirements of safety put forth by standards boards. There are lives on the line.

With the math skills come problem-solving, which is often a big part of math. A good architect is someone that can adapt when there are changes. That might come in the form of a picky client who changes their mind all the time. It might be an annoyance, but you have to serve the client in the end, so architects need the ability to think of creative solutions when someone throws a curveball at the last second. Someone in that headspace never has “can’t” in their vocabulary. Instead, they think of alternatives before they ever think that something is impossible. With experience, you can see problems coming in advance and prepare. It also takes a deft touch to convince people that your solution is the right one. Even coming up with the perfect design is not enough, as you have to add the convincing part in too. That is why bad designs make it through and good ones are left with the architects scratching their heads.

The other science lessons that come into play are when materials are considered. You have to figure out the right balance of materials and how they work together. That might mean coming to a choice where you are between brick, wood, and metal, which all have different pros and cons depending on the style of the building that you are looking to make.

If you have the right mix of an analytical mind, a tireless work ethic, and the social skills to negotiate and convince people, architecture might be the right field for you. Search for architecture tutors near me to get going with Premier Tutoring.


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Part of finding the right private architecture tutoring is finding someone that can help you with what you are interested in. For example, if you are interested in sustainability, focusing on that with a tutor can be a good way to get ahead. The right tutor for sustainability is going to be different from the right tutor for civil engineering, even if there is a lot of overlap between what the two fields do.

Sustainability is one of the more interesting focuses in architecture these days and is becoming one of the most sought after skill-sets. In most of life, sustainability is a vague concept that covers a lot of different types of earth-focused initiatives, but there are specific certifications in architecture that make it a much more concrete concept in this field. LEED is the leading brand in green building certification, standing for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. The rating system is used when a building is built and is a huge difference maker in public perception, which is why it has become so valuable in the field. The Washington Nationals were leaders in baseball when they built Nationals Park as one of the first LEED-certified stadiums. Among the issues that they sought to mitigate were recycling of potable rainwater in maintaining the fields and lowering light pollution and electricity usage in a park that has massive overhead lights and screens.

If you are getting a tutor, it probably means that you are not an architect yet. You might think that learning architecture is what will get you in the door at a great firm, but you will learn a lot about architecture once you are in the door. That is not to say that anyone can walk in and learn to be an architect, but it makes you wonder what your end goal should be when considering hiring a tutor. Tutoring should focus primarily on getting you in with an architecture firm, as you will learn a lot once you get there.

That means that they should help you find your individuality because there are a lot of different paths within architecture that you can blaze your own trail in. Sustainability might not be your thing, so architecture tutoring near me can be a good way to find the area that is yours to dominate. You are going to succeed most when you find the problems that mean the most to you and focus your education on learning ways to fix those problems. We look for people that help students explore and hone in on a focus.


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