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Arabic Tutoring

In most American middle and high schools, you are not likely to find Arabic among the available languages to learn in school. Despite being the fourth most prevalent language in the world, just behind English, Arabic is mostly reserved for religious studies, as it is the main language of Islam. Similarly, the other major Semitic language, Hebrew, is also mostly taught in religious schools. In the case of Arabic, unless you have someone in your family or community that can teach you, your best bet is to look for Arabic tutoring near me.

Most of the countries that use Arabic are in the Middle East, which is why it has not become very popular in America. For most students, 7th grade is where you can start taking languages and Spanish and French rule as the two that most students take. For years, this has been likely an influence of the history of the nation. The major colonizers in the US were the English, French, and Spanish, which is likely why those have remained as the major languages. Many of our neighbors to the south speak Spanish as an official language and our neighbors to the northeast speak French in Montreal. French also has roots deeply entrenched in Louisiana.

But for Arabic, the language is much newer to the country. For example, recent conflicts in Sudan and the Middle East have led to many immigrants moving to America and taking their language with them. Arabic ranks ninth in the US among languages and it is on the rise. Many still use English as their primary language, however, many use language tutors and other resources to keep Arabic alive, the same way Urdu tutors are used.

Especially since it is not taught in schools, finding private Arabic tutors is one of the only ways to become fluent if you are living in America. Consult with us to find the right fit for you and your family today. If you are hoping to one day go to one of the many countries where Arabic is the official language, you can get a leg up on your competition by getting a strong education in the language while you are still home in America. You will not get to taste all of the delicious foods or smell the wonderful smells from Middle Eastern street markets just yet, but you can prepare yourself so you are not the person pointing at different items on the menu. It always annoys me when people do not at least try to understand the word. You might make a fool of yourself as you mispronounce a word, but you can have a moment of humility every once in a while. If you take those moments as a chance to learn and improve, you become a better person in the end.

You might not find a lot of people to practice your Arabic on around you, but that does not mean you are limited to the language you are born with. You can deepen your understanding of the language with the in-person or virtual help of a tutor. There might have been barriers in the past, but they are breaking down thanks to advancements in technology. There is a long history of beef between the US and Arabic countries, but we are forced to understand each other through exposure. Learning the language helps us come together as one people, so we can prepare for war with the aliens. In the grand scheme of things, American and Arab will be small potatoes compared to the conflict between Earth and Mars.

Another good reason to learn the language is to gain a better understanding of Islam. The translation is only able to get you so far, as there are some words that get lost in translation. We can do our best to communicate, but, in the end, it can only go so far until you are gesturing and gesticulating trying to get your point across to no avail. With a religion that has been interpreted and misinterpreted to all sorts of ends, understanding the true meaning of the scriptures is important to building your values if you live religiously.


Who we hire?


No matter if you are a native speaker or a non-native, we want anyone that can speak Arabic fluently to help pass that along to students. One thing that you might find when you work with a native speaker is that they know a lot of different ways to teach you the language. That could include normal things like studying the characters and practicing writing them, but could also include media components that you might not get with an American. One thing you might find with private Arabic tutoring is that the best way for you to learn is through media.

That could mean learning Arabic songs, especially ones that are popular in specific cultures. Because there are 27 countries that call Arabic their native language, the specific culture of each one can provide a different look at how the language is used. For example, Egyptian music and TV can provide one perspective, while Lebanese music and TV could provide a different perspective. One series that bridges multiple cultures in the Middle East is the hit Israeli drama Fauda. Distributed internationally on Netflix, the show follows Israeli Defense Force officers as they hunt a Hamas terrorist known as “The Panther.” The show features a mix of Hebrew and Arabic, as it covers both sides of the conflict. In an area where Israelis and Palestinians have very little to agree upon, Fauda is a hit with Palestinians too, as they admire the way that the show treats them with respect, not reducing them to an arch-enemy.

In finding tutors, we just want people that are going to best pass that language on to you. When you look for Arabic tutors near me, you should always look first to Premier Tutoring. Instead of lessons in things that make you feel like a child, you could look at the language through an adult’s lens. Fauda might make you sound like a military commander, but other hit shows from the Middle East populate Netflix. If you are more interested in a relationship drama, like a soap, you can look to Egypt’s The Secret of the Nile to connect with students. The show is an Egyptian adaptation of the Spanish show, Gran Hotel. It is again getting an adaptation in America from a writer from Devious Maids, similarly titled Grand Hotel. Watching the US adaptation against the Egyptian one could be a fun way to see how the different cultures affect the way people speak to each other in similar situations.


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