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Adobe Lightroom Tutoring

An image management and editing program, Adobe Lightroom was created by the exact same team that created Photoshop. For years, Photoshop was the digital standard when it came to editing your pictures and making them look appealing for clients and audiences. But then Lightroom came along and added a little competition. Although created by the same company it still gave photographers and creatives options when it came to creating their images. Our private Adobe Lightroom tutors know all of the pros of working with this program when compared to Photoshop. This is because they have worked with both Photoshop and Lightroom, and can teach both programs.

We had a student who was working to become a photographer and they were familiar with Photoshop. In school, this was the program that they were required to learn so they became a master of sorts. Spending hours learning every nook and cranny of this program so that they would be prepared when they started working in the real world. But someone forgot to tell them about working with Lightroom. So after they graduated they immediately started looking for freelance photography jobs. They were thrown off when they were applying for jobs and not getting any work because everyone wanted them to know about Adobe Lightroom. You can imagine their frustration after they had spent four years perfecting one Adobe program only to discover they needed to learn an entirely different one.

Going back to school was out of the picture because they were in student loan debt and simply did not want to have to take more classes. They wanted to start working, but there was still more to be learned. After searching the internet for “Adobe Lightroom tutors near me” they ran across Premier Tutoring. We were able to get them matched with a photography tutor who understood both programs. It took a few months but eventually, the student was able to pick up this program and was able to start working gigs. Sometimes you do not get everything that you need while you are in school so you need the help of an outsider. Someone who was not with you at university but can be with you through this next journey in life.

As an artist, you have to continue to develop and you must do more than what you studied in college. You are a creative entrepreneur and you are in control of your own future. If you want to continue to be at the helm of your career then you need to learn how to wear more than one hat. You cannot just expect to take pictures and then have someone else come in to edit them. This will not work for you and you will end up spending more money that you are making.

At some point, you might be able to outsource and hire outside help, but in the beginning, you must do all of this on your own. So make sure you have the skill set that you need by investing in yourself. Human capital is the number one way that you are going to make money. Ensure that you are equipped with the necessary tools by reaching out to Premier Tutoring.


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You have to be on time and attentive in your private Adobe Lightroom tutoring sessions if you actually want to get the most out of them. You will be working with some of the most talented individuals when it comes to this program, so you are going to want to pay attention. This is not your typical class where you have to sit there and get lectured by one professor in a class with dozens of other students. If you do not want to be lectured, then that is not what you are going to get. If you want a more hands-on style of teaching, then we can supply this at Premier Tutoring. We take into account what it is that you look for in a teacher before we get you matched. So if you want someone who is lenient and will take their time, we have several computer tutors who fit this role.

If you want to work with someone who is going to push you, keep you on a tight schedule and be strict with you, we can also get you matched. We know that students are all over the place when it comes to how they want to be taught. This is why we do not have just one type of tutor or one style. We give out tutors autonomy when it comes to developing the lesson plan because we trust them. This is not some type of arbitrary blind trust but it is based on years of working with these tutors. We have seen what they are capable of achieving so we allow them to do their thing. If you are focused on your sessions, then like the other students they have worked with in the past, you will start to see your knowledge of Lightroom shine bright like the sun.

Adobe Lightroom is not an easy program to learn, and some try to do it on their own. But they end up spending so much of their time that they would have been better off just asking for help. In any profession, time is money. The more time you spend trying to figure out this program, the less you have to try to get gigs and make money. So spend your time wisely and start learning with one of our professional tutors.

“Adobe Lightroom tutoring near me” should have been on your mind well before this moment if you are serious about your photography. You do not just want to be someone who brings only one thing to the table, you must be an individual who can do several things. This is how you continue to work with clients and build your portfolio as well as your resume. We know this because our tutors all have extensive resumes at Premier Tutoring. Reach out today to get a peek into what we offer in terms of academic services.


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