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There are more distractions out there than ever and more ways to split your attention. A lot of parents blame the current generation for our short attention spans, but you have to see that one of the biggest contributors is the tech that they helped develop. We have always been pushing for more and more distraction and that has led to more and more people getting diagnosed with learning disorders. There are more students diagnosed with ADD and ADHD than ever. There are a couple things at work here. For one, many people were not diagnosed in previous decades, so many people went undiagnosed for years when they really did need help. The other case are those that are over-reported because we are still learning about the true reaches of these disorders. Many students get misdiagnosed because the testing is highly imperfect. Psychiatrists will offer medication based on a session talking with a patient and no other tests. That said, many students truly suffer from attention based disorders and they need as much help as they can get to make it through their educational career. Like anyone with a learning disorder, their capacity is no different than anyone else, so you just want to give them all of the tools needed to unlock their potential. Working with private ADD/ADHD tutors is a great way to get some of that extra guidance.

One of the ways that a lot of parents try to combat attention deficit disorders is to use medications, usually amphetamines. The medications help you manage impulses, stay focused, and avoid distractions for a period of time, usually around 6-8 hours. There is a lot of good to the medications and sometimes, a proper strategy requires a mix of medication and other help. That said, there are a lot of side effects to medication and that is something that you might reasonably choose to avoid. There are some medications where the side effects are so mild that it would not make a difference in your choice to heal the ailment, but the side effects of these medications can be strong enough that you reconsider whether you want to use it at all. There is nothing wrong with choosing not to use the medication, even if it could help some. The side effects can be far more harmful. Those that choose not to take the medication may need to supplement that loss with something else, which is a great way for tutoring to come in and help you out.

With tutoring, you can work on strategies that will help you in school. Some of the problem when you are in school is that teachers often teach with a lecture style and when you have a lot of students in class, you can only let some students participate so much before you have to spread to others. The problem with lectures is that you can easily zone out and miss what is going on. One of the problems that I experienced a lot in math classes was that a lot of people would ask questions on the problems that I understood, so I would stop paying attention. Finding my way back often came too late and I would miss something that was important. When a student gets lost in a massive class, they can zone out from not being allowed to participate. I remember having my hand raised so long that it would hurt and I would forget it was even up.

When students struggle to engage with class because of ADD or ADHD, search for ADD/ADHD tutors near me and find help from us. We will help teach your student strategies to make sure that they can stay focused and eliminate distractions. They might still need math help from a calculus tutor if they are struggling in math, but it will not be from the disability.


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Oftentimes, a student with ADD or ADHD will have a plan in place with the school for their education that will outline the special needs and whatever accommodations are required for tests and assignments. These plans are called Individualized Education Plans, or IEPs, and they are meant to help make the educational experience more successful. With this, there are going to be standards for education and that means that finding private ADD/ADHD tutoring is going to be even harder because you need someone that fits in with your plan. That said, it might be a good idea to put us in contact with your school, so we can line up your education plan with our profile and help you find the best tutor for you and your IEP. We want to find the right person, which means working as your partner to find out who that is.

Our tutors will help your students thanks to their years of experience working not just with students, but with students that have ADD or ADHD. This requires a specific set of skills, so we do not take that lightly. All of our tutors must have at least five years working with ADD or ADHD students if they are going to get matched by us. The reason is that there are a lot of strategies that experienced tutors know how to employ just at the right time to help make sure that your student stays on track. One thing that we heard back from a parent was that his son’s tutor spent a session messing around with locations. Every ten minutes, they moved to another room, including the treehouse outside. It started helping the son find the location that was best for him and shook him out of the rut that he had fallen into by working in the same place. He switched fulltime to the treehouse and everything improved. He switched back later, but that strategy of switching became the new habit.

When you search for ADD/ADHD tutoring near me, you should be sure that you are getting someone that can help your child succeed. We have a track record that proves we can make that happen.


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