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ACT Writing Tutoring

Although the ACT writing section is not required by the majority of the country’s universities, it is still taken rather seriously. When you sign up for the writing section of this exam, first off, you are giving up more time and money. It costs about seventeen dollars extra for you to be able to take this part of the exam and you will have to stay about an hour longer. When you do finally get to the writing portion, which is the last part of the exam, there are several things that you will be graded on.

First off, you get the questions and you have about forty minutes to write your response. This is nothing at all, so you must use every second wisely. While you are writing you have to state your point of view on the subject that is presented. You then have to create ideas that make sense and use them as examples to back your thoughts. These ideas must be clear and concise. Finally, you have to show your ability to write grammatically correct and in the standard English form.

You might have just read all of that and immediately thought about opting out of the writing section. I mean, it is not required after all so why should you volunteer to do this type of work? Well first off, going above and beyond on your college application will show that you are willing to go the extra mile to get into the school of your choice. It also shows that you have a strong work ethic and will do what is necessary to get solid grades. But most importantly it will display that you are capable of doing the work once you get into college. However, in order for this to come across you need to score quite highly.

As mentioned earlier, this aspect of the exam is voluntary but it is still taken seriously. All of the things that you are graded on will be checked by two trained readers. While they read through your paper they make brutal marks on what is working and what is not. If there are any discrepancies in their markings then this is given to a third reader who basically breaks the tie. You are not the only one putting your time and resources into this writing. So it behooves you to make sure you are as prepared as possible before you walk into the examination room.

One of our private ACT writing tutors will have you right so that you are ready to take on this exam. An ACT tutor is not a rare find. There are students and “teachers” alike who claim that they can help you raise your score by so many points. But you know how that goes, you find out in no time that these individuals are all talk and no action. At Premier Tutoring we put a value on actions and let that do the talking for us.

When you work with a professional you are more likely to raise your score and really write a compelling essay. We are not guaranteeing that you will get a certain grade because none of us will be there with you. The only one that can raise your score is you. Stay focused in your tutoring sessions and really listen to what is being taught to you. This way you know that you have the knowledge necessary to get that score and impress your dream college.


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“ACT writing tutoring near me” is not something that you have to “find.” We have the tutors in our database, we have done all the searching. The countless hours spent going through resumes and vetting applicants? We have done all that for you. We want you to worry about what takes place in the actual essay writing tutoring sessions.

Since we have been where you are we know how stressful it is to have to worry about the ACT in the first place. There are four other sections and now you are adding another section in hopes of further impressing schools. Your mind is going a hundred miles a minute and you feel like you are going to have a full-blown panic attack. Test anxiety is real and it can really mess with your mental health, especially when you are dealing with an exam that has implications comparable to the ACT.

When I was in high school there was a girl in my ACT room while we were taking the exam. About thirty minutes in, she passed out. We had to evacuate the room and the paramedics had to come to cart her off on a stretcher. She had not slept in three days preparing for the exam and was literally exhausted. The icing on the cake was an anxiety attack that took her out. Do not be like this student, and come out triumphantly during this exam. Work with private ACT writing tutoring that can make a difference in the way that you think about the test.

You have to walk in knowing that you are confident and our tutors can instill this in you. This is not because they will hype you up and tell you how awesome you are in life. They will tell you that but it will be based on your merit. While you are killing the mock exams that they give you, you will start to feel confident in yourself. You will not need anyone to tell you because you see the results. By the time you walk into the exam room, you will be more than ready for the ACT.  

“ACT writing tutors near me” can now come to your doorstep with the help of Premier Tutoring. We are ready to assist you in achieving academic greatness. Take the time right now to get the perfect match so that you do not have to worry about the exam. You will be able to sleep at night knowing that you are getting the assistance that you require.

A tutor will meet with you whenever you want and wherever you want. Although we believe actions speak louder than words, we know how important your words are for this exam. We will make sure they are as sharp as possible.


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